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How To Make Guilt-Free Vegan Chocolate Mousse?

If there’s one thing my friends know about me it’s that I LOVE sweets. If you share the same passion for desserts and you also want to move away from processed stuff and EAT real food, then you know how difficult the transition can be. 

I was not ready to give up on my love for chocolate and sweets (and I bet you are not either), hence I began my little experiments that led me to a number of great recipes. And guess what? I’ll teach you how to make one of such decadent, gorgeous, and just fabulous desserts. You can also learn how to make chocolate at home!

Roll up your sleeves – we are going to make vegan chocolate mousse!

What Ingredients To Choose To Make Your Vegan Mousse Taste Fabulous?

Let’s talk about the ingredients. The recipe calls for two main ingredients but it’s super important to choose good-quality brands. 

Firstly, we need some good chocolate. My go-to choice is the local brand Pod. It’s an amazing brand, they don’t use dairy or processed sugar in their products, and they are into sustainable practices. Besides the fact that their work philosophy is aligned with the things I care about, their chocolate tastes incredible too! Those of you who can’t get their hands on Pod’s chocolate, look for products with the same vibe, or for starters, I’d recommend choosing a really high-quality organic chocolate. 

Secondly, the key ingredient to the lush texture of your vegan mousse is coconut cream. My brand of choice is Kara – their coconut cream is very rich and creamy, so your vegan mousse will have a gorgeous texture. If you can’t find this brand, I urge you to look for a good-quality organic coconut cream. Otherwise, it will affect the consistency of the mousse. A sure-fire way to know if coconut cream is good is to look at the list of ingredients – choose the one that doesn’t have more than three.

As a final note, I find this recipe to be very versatile because you can eat it as a mousse but you can also use it as cake frosting. I actually created it as frosting for my vegan zucchini cake, but then thought it would be cool to transform it into a vegan mousse.

Chocolate mousse

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe!



  • 180g Organic Chocolate
  • 250ml Coconut Cream
  • A pinch of Salt

  • Mixed Berries, for serving
  • 100ml #EASEANDFLOW


Fill a pot with water and set a stainless steel bowl on top of the pot to create a bain marie.

Add the chocolate to the bowl and allow it to melt on medium-high while giving it an occasional stir.

In a food processor, beat the coconut cream and salt while gradually pouring in the melted chocolate.

Once all is mixed, transfer the chocolate mousse to a jar and let it chill in the fridge for at least an hour.

Top the mousse with mixed berries and enjoy!


Serves: 2

Prep time: 15 mins

Resting time: 1h

Freezer-friendly: No



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With love from my kitchen to yours,

Chef Cynthia Louise xx

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