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All About Nourishment Of Body And Soul With Chef Cynthia Louise

Interviewer: Christina

Welcome to another yummy episode of the Sensitive Matters podcast. We are ringing in the New Year with my dear friend Chef Cynthia Louise, who is sharing with us all about her personal journey in life, with food and the healing impact it had on herself and others. Cynthia Louise is a qualified whole food chef that is leading the whole food revolution with edible plant recipes offering real food that nourishes and heals you from the inside.

Chef Cynthia Louise’s new cookbook will let you enjoy desserts again

Interviewer: Abillion

For Chef Cynthia Louise, cooking is more than just a passion. It’s about eliciting a reaction, revisiting childhood memories of a dish, and veganizing classics to evoke the same warm feeling. These ideas are distilled into her recent launch, a third cookbook titled “Celebrate Your Sweet Tooth”. She describes her latest work – dedicated to vegan desserts – as a means to enjoy sweet treats with whole, plant-based ingredients and none of the recipes contain any white sugar.

Bali Special | Chef Cynthia Louise - Entrepreneurship And The Art Of Cooking

Interviewer: Anatoly

My guest today is Chef Cynthia Louise. Chef Cynthia specializes in plant-based foods. She does not talk about diets, about micronutrients she talks about real food. Just like nature intended. Chef Cynthia the author of her first solo cookbook called “Plant-Based Love Stories” and the bestselling author of 7 recipe books, including 3 books with biochemist Dr. Libby Weaver. She’s also a star of two cooking shows on Gaia TV and FMTV. She is a partner of a global restaurant chain with serial entrepreneur Roger Hamilton. She has served hundreds of people on stage and at retreats. On top of that she created her own range of gut-healing food products, colon cleanses loaf, and online cooking classes. She’s an exciting and charismatic public speaker who has toured Australia and SE...

Sweat it out with Alex Tyson

Plant-Based Food That Makes You Feel Good. With Chef Cynthia Louise, Dawn Lister and Daniel Groom.

Interviewer: Alex Tyson

Chef Cynthia Louise is the bestselling author of 7 recipe books (including 3 books with biochemist Dr. Libby Weaver) and is the star of two cooking shows on Gaia TV and FMTV. You may also know her through her work with health guru Tyler Tolman at his fasting and health retreats in Bali.

a podcast from anahata yoga centre from the heart with dawn lister and daniel groom

Plant-Based Food That Makes You Feel Good. With Chef Cynthia Louise, Dawn Lister and Daniel Groom.

Interviewer: Dawn Lister and Daniel Groom

In this episode, Chef Cynthia Louise talks about food. Plant-based food that makes you Feel GOOD. She won’t talk diet. She won’t talk macronutrients. She talks about real food. Just like nature intended. "And if it doesn’t have flavor it can F-off!"

the happy hour with carla maree

How to transform your health with Chef Cynthia Louise

Interviewer: Carla Maree

Hello! I’m Chef Cynthia Louise. I’m a publisher, co-author of 3 international bestselling cookbooks, with Dr. Libby Weaver; REAL FOOD CHEF, SWEET TOOTH STORY & REAL FOOD KITCHEN… I’m super proud to work alongside this incredible human who has taught me so much when it comes to how we absorb food. For years, I have worked in exclusive Health Retreats where I was limited to the number of people I could support. And now I can through 4 different online cooking classes where I guide you 24/7 in your kitchen from mine to create meals that serve your organs and ultimately give you a deep understanding of how good does matter.

the ikigaia podcast

Become an Alchemist Instead of an Influencer with Chef Cynthia Louise

Interviewer: Kathleen Hamilton

When you know you have something fascinating to offer the world but no one will take you seriously, what do you do? You listen to your higher self and design your own path! Chef Cynthia started her career in Australia, back in 2004 while doing her apprenticeship in one of the many health retreats she would attend and even co-present in the future.

empowered logo

Real health is so much more than healthy eating - featuring Chef Cynthia Louise

Interviewer: Kira love

Real health is so much more than healthy eating - featuring Chef Cynthia Louise

The Rabbit Hole Podcast with Chef Cynthia

The Health Of The World Depends On Our Personal Health” with guest Chef Cynthia Louise

Interviewer: Monty Hooke

In this episode I talk to the amazing Chef Cynthia Louise. A bali based entrepreneur, restaurateur and online Healthy cooking personality. Chef Cynthia is well known as one of the best when it comes to educating & empowering people to create healthy, happy lives through food.

The Inner Experience

Body Love, Authenticity and The Future of Business w/ Chef Cynthia Louise

Interviewer: Sam Asser

The Inner Experience with Sam Asser brings you cutting edge information, heart-opening conversations and thought provoking humans to the table every week, inspiring you to level up in health, relationships, business and ultimately your connection to you. Sam Asser creates a space with her guests that will invite you to dig deeper into yourself and challenge your current reality through topics like health, relationships, intimacy, business, emotional wellbeing, spirituality, self love and living that 10/10 life.

Food is Medicine with Chef Cynthia Louise Selfcare Daily Rituals

Food Is Medicine with Chef Cynthia Louise

Interviewer: Rory Callaghan

Chef Cynthia Louise is the creator of a series of online cooking masterclasses and programs that run 24/7. Each class is designed to nurture you through an emotional connection with wholefood. Connecting you internally to your incredible organs your body houses. International speaker and presenter, Chef Cynthia Louise’s on-stage presence is contagious as she is a voice of care and wisdom that ripples through our hearts gently. Connecting global visionaries and local entrepreneurs, mums, and dads into a value system that connects health alongside wealth as one energy, which creates a thriving energetic lifestyle internally.

Chef Cynthia Louise Podcast

Plant-based Diets For Optimal Health

Interviewer: Jack O'Brien

Chef Cynthia Louise talks about plant-based diets and how it fuels our body so that we can always be at our best condition. She also talks about the forgotten rules of food, healing from food intolerance, and what your poop can tell you about your health.

Chef Cynthia Louise Podcast

Fermentation: Creating life in the kitchen with Chef Cynthia Louise

Interviewer: Hayley Weatherburn

Today we dive into the journey of life and death cycles and how the microbes play an epic role in creating delicious fermentation’s that not just make your food more digestible, but help you to build the biodiversity inside your gut. The amazing Chef Cynthia Louise doesn’t just stop at the level of food, we go into how our mind and the thoughts play such an important role as well.

the Health Revolution with Cynthia Louise

Revolutionising Health and Vitality with Chef Cynthia Louise

Interviewer: Scotty Mortimer

Chef Cynthia guides us on the journey of following our heart to unlock hidden genius as we actively co-create a world of abundance and prosperity at a time of pessimism and fear. A conversation to awaken the spirits and inspire hope in anyone passionate about health and heightened energy.

chef Cynthia header

Health Benefits of a Plant Based Lifestyle

Interviewer: Ludwina Dautovic

Ludwina Dautovic, Founder and CEO of The Room Xchange, in conversation with Chef Cynthia Louise, Whole foods Chef and TV Host. Ludwina and Cynthia talk about the benefits of a whole food lifestyle, the abundance of fruit and vegetables we have available to us and a fresh perspective on food.

Chef Cynthia Louise Podcast

The Key Ingredient: Soil with Chef Cynthia Louise

Interviewer: Hayley Weatherburn

In this Episode, Cynthia joins me in sharing our passion for the importance of SOIL in choosing our whole foods. Understanding that the life in the soil is what gives us the nutrition our bodies are ‘oh so’ craving! Come join us and listen in on this interesting journey we take...

How to Break a Fast

How To Break a Fast - Chef Cynthia Louise​

Interviewer: Fast Way To Health

Just stop for a minute. You're never gonna not have food. And to just be really really calm and patient. And then to eat that food, very very slowly so it's complete smoothie in your mouth. And then swallow it. And then know that you can do it again.

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