Celebrate Sweet Tooth Online Cooking Class

Healthy sweets and desserts from scratch

  • Allow yourself to enjoy sweets again
  • Feel balanced after meals because your sweet tooth is satisfied
  • Discover guilt free delights
  • Say goodbye to cravings for processed nutrient void sweets
  • Affordable – aren’t just for special occasions because you need take out a small mortgage to make them!

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Why You'll Love This Product?


  • How to ditch refined sugar forever, + use natural sweeteners like maple,
    honey, fruit
  • Make raw desserts that are not heavy on nuts
  • Create ice creams, cheesecakes, lamingtons, scrolls, muffins that are all
    healthy, nourishing + yum!
  • A recipe for ice cream that contains no dairy, sugar, eggs, gluten, or nuts
  • Tips on how to master and balance sweetness in foods with natural ingredients
  • How to use a variety of good fats to nourish and create balance
  • The trick on how to nail the texture in desserts (critical!)
  • Discover how easy it is to create your own sweets instead of buying processed ones
  • Learn how make bases of your raw cakes to be even and professional looking
  • Secrets like when to add fat to dry goods, and how to recover from your mixes splitting
  • The missing ingredient of why haven’t gotten the fine creamy silky texture for your raw desserts
  • Recipes for all different budgets – it’s not all expensive (but remember good food is like health insurance)



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