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Thanks for wanting to contact me. I love it that you want to know more about something.

Ok, so I have a few different options here depending on what you need.

If you want more info on kitchen stuff like stocking your pantry, ingredients substitutions (like using natural sweeteners and egg free wholefood binders etc...) you can search my blog or faq. I'm always updating it with answers to new questions coming in.

So that also means that if what you are looking for isn't there, you can email my wonderful customer service team using the contact us button below.

If you have purchased one of my beautiful Online Cooking Classes or Super Ebooks (and thank you so much if you have, beautiful person that you are), and need some help with a technical issue, or just can't find the answer you're looking for, you can contact my wonderful customer service team using the contact form above.

If you have attended on of my Praxis Retreats, or bought one of my fabulous Online Cooking Classes or Super Ebooks remember the best way to get a question answered is in my private Chef Cynthia Louise Online Kitchen Facebook group.

If you needing a lot of guidance and are really stuck, I do offer a few One-on-One Sessions every week to people I who really need it.

I love doing interviews, writing guest blogs and am totally up for any conscious partnerships right now. Collaboration is where it's at, let's all help each other to be more awesome.

For all media enquires please contact me via my media page

Hope that's helped you out. Thanks for being part of my community.
You are amazing!

Chef Cynthia Louise xx