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Love and Gratitude for Chef Cynthia Louise



Feeling extremely grateful to of crossed paths with Chef Cynthia and her inspiring ways! The first time I met her I couldn’t wait to get home to empty my pantry and re-stock it with better choices. She empowered me to change the way I feed my children and deal with their negativity toward the change and created a passion in me I didn’t know was there. I LOVE touching my food while I'm preparing it, smelling it before I eat and LOVE the energy in me that comes from eating it. She taught me to shake the hand that feeds you which I do regularly at my local farmer's market however here is a virtual handshake for you Chef, you are one freakin amazing being!! xx



The commitment Chef Cynthia Louise provides to each individual is inspiring. Her love and understanding with wholefood has given us a much healthier lifestyle and a better understanding of keeping it simple and ever so tasty. Who would have thought myself and my family would crave and I mean crave all the beautiful wholefood that is out there to enjoy.



I was very lucky to spend time in Bali with Chef Cynthia Louise, and was so incredibly inspired by her understanding, respect and connection to food. Lucky for me her connection is contagious and I learned so much more than I could have ever imagined. She continues to inspire me every day, and her recipes always rock my world. I'm so very grateful.



Being the youngest child in a very large family, the motto was "first one finished helps his neighbour" You learnt to eat, fast so you didn't miss out, never really chewing or tasting your food. Chef Cynthia's passionate way she prepares food and the love that is infused into the process has touched and inspired me. Thank you chef for reconnecting me to being present, grateful and to the joy and pleasure of taking my time to look, smell, chew and really taste my food.



Cynthia is without a doubt a true master of her craft, she brings such passion and all her humanity to her work, but really it's so much more than work for her... It is her soul mission and with each recipe, with every piece of sage advice and with every spoonful, she nourishes your soul!



Chef Cynthia's knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, and joy of food is unsurpassed. Her enthusiasm is contagious as is her love for her work teaching. I learned more from her in 30 days than I did at nutrition school for a year! We are so blessed to have her around, though sadly I'm across the globe but so happy her recipes and online cooking classes are available online! Love you, Chef!



I learned so much more than just food from Chef Cynthia, I learned how to be passionate and enjoy every mouthful of the glorious food that makes us live! I just wanted to devour every dish she put in front of me, her food creations are as amazing as her



Chef Cynthia Louise ignites the cooking flame...creating delicious, soul filled and nourishing food that comes straight from Mother Nature onto the plate. She puts so much love and energy into her creations, its hard not to smile when eating her meals! I love her food, her passion and her message of keeping it real with nature!



Chef Cynthia. You have changed the way I experience food. I smell and touch food with my eyes closed before eating. I look at the roots of a herb, not as rubbish or cut-offs, but as a strength of flavour to be incorporated. You taught me to never make food when I am in a bad mood, and to love the food I eat. You create & teach nourishment for the soul & life. Thankyou.



It is for the first time in 6 years i am feeling myself and wonderful again... Its been along time for me and i didn't realise just how negative and down i was I didn't see a future and now I am ME again feeling so light happy and I see a future Praxis helped like no one has been able too... True story



I feel like I'm really living life to the fullest when I make this food! It's a complete sensory experience. It's more than food, it's about feeling alive, creative + joyful.



I just love the way chef cynthia inspired me to cook and have a better love for food and how to nourish the body with wholefoods. I loved her style, prescence, her individuality and creativity shown in her cooking. The food tastes amazing and i love her recipes and im always sharing them with family and friends. I wish she was my full time chef. Chef cynthia is a one of a kind who’s passionate about what she does and effects all those around her positively. xx



I think the greatest gift you could give anyone is to make one of CCL meals for them. It's the love in the food that makes you feel deeply satisfied. Be healthy + have your cake too! How does it get even better?!



Love Chef Cynthia's skill, imagination but most of all her love and passion for the creations she brings to life. She is a JOY to behold in the kitchen, is inspiring, and makes what I used to consider boring, laugh out loud fun! x



Chef Cynthia has opened me up to a world of possibilities with food that I just did not know about. What a gift she is to the planet to be able to create this extraordinary delightful offerings to the human body and that when her food touches my tongue….there is nothing like it. Thank you for your gift to this world.



Chef Cynthia Louise has nourished my body and nurtured my soul with food that I call art. Full respect and appreciation for her overflowing grace and wholeness.



Chef Cynthia what can I say she has taught me not to be frightened of food, what a very knowledgeable fantastic wonderful person she is. I have been on so many diets I could write a book on them, don't eat this, don't eat that, watch what you eat, weigh your food etc etc Since I did the 7 day fast and the Praxis program I have never felt so good about myself and the biggest enlightenment has been that I have to "Eat to Live not Live to Eat" and that the best food is what God has taught us is nuts grains and all that wonderful food that we grow on Mother Earth. The recipes are just fantastic and so easy to understand and do and very simple and delicious I really enjoy cooking now and all my family and friends have said that I'm looking very healthy and happy. I'm so glad that the Lord led me to do these programs and I would recommend others to have a go and do these programmes at the first opportunity they have, as they will never regret it. Thanks again Chef I can't praise you enough.



Chef Cynthia inspires me to make wholesome healthy food. She gave me the confidence to just go into the kitchen and create my own magic (without a recipe) and be excited about it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, your recipes and energy is AMAZING xxx



Chef Cynthia has brought her own kitchen here and we’re there watching her demonstrate we’re doing things her recipes and like everyone there we know the value of the wholefood but it’s just knowing how simple it is to get it and to make it super delicious. There’s no doubt about it you can pick up the passion in it so it’s in were infected by, there’s no doubt about it. Absolutely it’s excellent.



Cynthia is open up a lot of how easy it is. Uhmm I know I’m gonna utilise a lot of that when I can at home and that’s really important to me because if your gonna eat well it’s good to know how to actually do it. Great, great, uhmm Good thing with Cynthia too is that she’ll always tell you an alternative, what you gonna do with that leftover which I’m really terrible at all that stuff you know she gives you really really good practical ideas and keeps it simplistic as well there’s nothing I don’t think that she has done yet that I couldn’t I don’t think I can do at home that’s what I love about it as well yeah excellent.



So easy to be with really easy to understand she explains everything so in detail and she’s just loves her work, the passion, the love of the food, uhh she has me appreciate food it’s just, and all the colors, so many colors and a deeper level of appreciation for vegan and vegetarian food.



Chef Cynthia is just fantastic what else can I say, the food is just wonderful, the cooking is wonderful, the uhmm how she makes the food and how she talks about it and what she says makes you want to love food and its unbelievable.



Well it’s funny because uhmm I was thinking about this uhmm I find it really difficult to call her Chef because to me she’s not a Chef she’s far beyond that to me she is a spiritual teacher and we’re all here to give love to the world and her vehicle is food and but her being able to deliver that with such passion and you can feel it and she’s got this beautiful energy and it’s she’s not a Chef you know, she is a Chef but she’s so much more than that and she’s gonna change the world with that and it’s beautiful she’s real it’s beautiful.



Chef Cynthia Oh my God what an angel that woman is, for me I love cooking and when I was back in my back in Brisbane doing my running a business I was feeling like I was disconnected I hated cooking, I hated preparing things, everything was getting too much and I was feeling disconnected. So when I heard about the Praxis program I just knew that as I said got the goosebumps and went do it that’s what you need to do and actually physically and finally meeting her in real life, it was only 3 days, I am in love with food like I want to go back and cook like I just it’s me and the kitchen, I love love love to cook like and if you saw me two weeks ago uhh uhh I don’t want to be in the kitchen so thank you to Chef Cynthia has made my love for food and I hope I know I’m gonna be in the kitchen creating vegetarian food, I know vegetarian food. uhmm she makes it so beautiful and it’s because of learning to love what you’re doing, loving yourself and it’s already happened for me in day 3.



Chef Cynthia blows me away with her creative genius in the kitchen. To think now I get to begin a whole new journey of eating and nourishing my body with healthy beautiful high vibrational REAL tasting food….it is something so special to me and fills my heart with the joys of life. Believe me when I say, you will not be the same after you have had her food. It is afterall how it should be and not as the world currently is.



I attending Praxis in March 2016... With Tyler Tolman and Chef Cynthia Louise my experience in both sessions was mind blowing... For the past year I have been saying I want to eat something yummy and healthy but what exactly i just didn't have a clue until I attended Chef Cynthia Louise's Praxis Kitchen. The amazing organic wholesome foods were orgasmic I have never in my life tasted food like this my taste buds tingled, my mouth watered with each smell... Learning to cook and prepare Chefs recipes was an awesome experience which has left me feeling blessed. I am now confident back in the Kitchen creating new recipes and making Chefs recipes as well... My whole family enjoys the wholesome food with me...Chef Cynthia Louse is one talented beautiful and creative Chef will her confidence and skill I look forward to sharing and learning with her 🙂



This amazing lady is a whole bunch of incredible wrapped up in a nourishing wholefood sandwich (pun intended) after spending a week with Chef Cynthia Louise, my parnter Craig and I are reinspired to get back into the kitchen! She showed us how making wholesome, nourishing foods doesnt have to be hard, in fact it is just as easy or easier than cooking up what we used to consider "regular meals" our experience found us in search of better restaurants (and still looking) because it is now hard for us to find food that is better than what Chef has created for us and has coached and inspired us to make for ourselves! (The food is THAT GOOD!!) The best part is, YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF, AND IT IS SUPER EASY! Thankyou so much Cynthia Louise for your on going inspiration and your passion towards creating amazing food!!



Chef Cynthia is all round awesome. The passion in her teaching is contagious. We were so excited to get in and cook, then eat the amazing food. Not only is Cynthia an amazing chef, she is a beautiful soul. I loved talking to her and creating foods with her. I would highly recommend doing praxis to anyone looking to be inspired! Love your work Chef xx



All I have is just love and gratitude for Tyler Tolman and Cynthia Louise with what they do, shifting people to live healthier lives. I attended the March 2016 Praxis program, and I had such a incredible time "haha dance sessions with Chef Cynthia" was just brilliant for cooking breaks. The food that we learnt to cook was just divine and enrichment, I walked into Praxis not knowing how to cook barely anything and now i have full confidence to cook my own amazing meals and desserts "To Practise is to grow" Tyler Tolman, one of the most incredible human beings around, his wisdom is simply mind blowing from his education about ancient and traditional method teaching or eating Mother Natures "Mother Earth" high quality foods to improve and heal ourselves, meditation to be at peace with yourself and ancicent exercise stretching methods to heal and process of rejuvenation for strengthing and flexibility for muscle skeletal movement. Angel logistics team "Rosie" are simply amazing there to support you ever step of the way through Praxis journey. The people that attend this program are like minded people that are with you all the way and make the experience absolutely amazing.



I haven't done any of Chef's retreat however my son and I accompanied my lovely husband Billy on his 30 day heal thy self journey, and I was privileged to meet Chef and her beautiful team. Whilst up in Bali, the knowledge that I have gained within a 30 mins conversation was mind blowing! I got a sudden boost of confidence, believed in myself more that I could actually cook and that I actually was doing most things right and eating really good foods. But most importantly, what Chef added to our cooking was an abundance of love, care, presence and connection to the food we now prepare at home. And this my friends is what I can tell you make our meals at home so damn delicious and nourishing!!!
Knowing that "you can still have it all" by making some slight changes and using produce as close to nature as possible is just mind blowing and super delicious, no guilt, no calorie counting. Instead, feeding my family with whole foods that serves us and knowing that we as a family are worthy of all this delicious foods and that our bodies deserve to be nourished with only the best whole foods available on this earth!
When making Chef recipes, I feel so alive and and connected to what I'm cooking, and one of the amazing things I have been experiencing is a lot of childhood memories as Chef's recipes reminded me a lot of grandma and great grandmas' cooking with a modern and magic touch to it . I feel like I have reconnected with my culture by using chefs principles and teachings by preparing foods I thought I could never eat before. As a family, we love having people over for diner, and particularly dressings and sauces are a winner. People ask us where did you buy this? What ? You made this ? Omg that must have taken you forever ! Hmmmmm nop! Not really quick and easy and bloody delicious is all I have to say!
Keep up the good work Cynthia love your work and love what you contribute to this world!



Chef has a magic that she weaves into her food that is reflected with how she relates to people and cooking. I had the privilege to be taught how to make a mexican meal that turned into a mexican stand off (competition), sure I came second out of 2 people but mine was made with love and funtastic. Yummy, fun, memorable and abundance of mexican food!



Chef Cynthia is Inspiring extraordinary whole food-gasm passion within inspired conscious lifestylers. Yes! We can all take part in that! I have been tagging along the superfood wellness train dabbling in bits and pieces and chasing the next craze for about 6 years now. I've been feeling lost, overwhelmed, fatigued and let down by health and wellness and have not known what strategy to commit to. Doing a bit of this and that has not been meeting my health needs. With an open eager heart I booked my ticket to attend Tyler Tolman and Chef Cynthia's Praxis Retreat in Bali. I have been struck with awe and wonder at Cynthia's gorgeous soul, wisdom, truth and creative talent to teach and deliver her whole food mission. Cynthia and Tyler have flicked the switch to what whole-istic health means to me. I am excited to dig deep into my whole food journey and cannot wait to see where it, my new cooking skills and my healing body will take me. Chef has instilled in me that we must take action before disease knocks on our door. We must listen to the whispers (or screams) of our perfect bodies and prevent the stories that eat at our vitality. If not for us, our future generations. Whole food is love and light. May we live with conscious awareness through our food lifestyle. That is my commitment. Thank you so much Chef Cynthia Louise and Tyler. 



I don't particularly enjoy cooking and I get frustrated that it takes so long, I'm just hear to eat... So I was surprised when I realised how quick you can make something so delicious and healthy when following Chefs recipes! Chef Cynthia Louise is such an incredible women! She has an amazing way of getting you so excited about food and making it such a fun and happy environment and I think that food isn't seen that way anymore, there's so much negativity about eating these days! She enables you to look at food in a whole new way and feel good about eating and experiencing the flavours, I especially found her so empowering for women and I loved that! She really just changes your mindset and I think that's such a powerful thing especially when foods involved. I can honestly say nothing compares to the food I ate at PRAXIS... I think her recipes are truly made of love, joy and unicorns! Because nothing compares to the flavours you experience when you eat her food. Ah-mazing!!



Chef Cynthia is an amazing lover of food which she shares with us mere non-chefs in an amazingly simple way. Her creations are inventive, delicious and so easy to prepare. I have never had such deliciously wonderful tempeh that we were taught to make on the SCA, and making Jam without sugar? Simply fabulous, healthy and tasty. She shares her love of food in a way I have never experienced before 🙂



Thank you chef Cynthia! For making it so easy and fun and mouth wateringly delicious to nourish my body with the best possible food I can eat 🙂 I just love how you make it so easy and inclusive, and that the way you share is so much fun! I've fallen in love with my food!! xx



Thank you for being a stand for what you so believe in, you’ve inspired me to raise my own standards, not just with what I’m putting in my body, it’s what ingredients I’m putting into all areas of my life, keeping it simple, clean and nourishing. And how to inclusively share the wisdom, not from a place of knowing, but from a place of curiosity, one of “together we are better”. Thank you for the journey, I’m in it for life.



I wake up to inspiration every day I read your Facebook, Instagram or make one of your amazing, life nourishing recipes. <3 <3 I adore your online video recipes on your website...



Well, words do not seem enough to explain what has transformed in my life since completing the Praxis event recently in Bali. I thought I was alive but I am now more alive. My kitchen is alive with a new energy and the greatest gift is my family have become "alive". I experienced an amazing transformation with my two beautiful daughters that has taken our relationship to a new level and flowed over into their families. A gift beyond comprehension into future generations of our family. To all involved in our journey I am in deep, deep gratitude. And all through FASTING, FEASTING, LIVING and LOADS OF FUN!!!



Chef Cynthia changed the way I eat, shop, cook, and the way I FEEL about myself! I was blessed to meet Cynthia about 6 years ago and since then I have lost about 20 lbs and I can cook my own meals with joy and ease! Chef was a huge influence on how I see even see food now, and what I choose to eat and drink. She made it EASY to make small choices that led to many more to come for me. She met me where I was at and just added little changes that helped my health without HUGELY changing my favorite things to eat. This was a beautiful way for me to be open to changes, I didn’t have to “give up” all my favorite items with her teaching style. For example; I loved to eat eggs everyday for breakfast, and she just taught me to add water and many, many greens to my same breakfast everyday. I would have never added water to my eggs but the new dish was delicious, fresh and I felt more full and charged for the day! She walked me through my own kitchen pantry quizzing me on what was REAL FOOD. Many of the favorite condiments I have and loved (before) were full of chemicals and things not natural, whole food. She helped me to just TRY throwing these out and letting her show me recipes of amazing new sauces. She taught me how to make meals with more veggies and added LOVE, PLAYFULLNESS, AND SELF CARE ISMs to every meal. I can still picture her singing while making food and then getting SO excited about yummy food we would make. This passion was infectious! It helped me to also feel happy and excited about food again, not guilty or shaming.

The most important thing she taught me was that food is not GOOD or BAD. She helped me to just start to add in great ingredients even for the “less nutritious” items I loved to eat, she has small but incredibly clever additions / substitutions that add so much! I can hear her loving voice & being in a great mood while cooking and thinking about how this food will NURISH and HEAL my body. She would sing in the kitchen and laugh teaching me how EASY it was to try new foods. This stuck with me for many years to follow. She taught me to love the process since beautify and health really comes from the inside out.

Chef Cynthia helps remind even the BUSIEST of people that we CAN take the time for our- selves and it doesn’t have to be difficult. She also shared with me to be more connected to the food I am eating. I am a meat eater, so Cynthia actually got a chicken and showed me the entire process to RESPECT the food. From being alive, to the plate, and being grateful and apprecia- tive of the animals life - she walked me through each step and this was very eye opening. I eat less meat now but also pay very close attention to where it comes from and how it was handled. Chef can help take any dish you love and show you how to add a few small changes for it to be even more healing and nutritious. She was an incredible teacher and her recipes, passion, and joy are worth so much!! I am so happy I invested to learn from her as it has paid off immensely in my life. It is worth every penny as she is truly one of the most talented Chefs I have ever met and she can connect with many lifestyles to make this applicable.

I now have lost weight slowly over the years too, you can see in my recent pictures from pics with Chef. I am still on my journey, but I am forever grateful to her for changing the way I SEE food preparation for my body and my life! She is truly here on this planet to help people with these genius recipes and her huge heart - I hope you are open to it all too and invite her into your kitchen. You won’t regret it!

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