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Unwrapping Deliciousness Into Tasty and Plant-Based Wrap Recipes

Welcome to a world of tasty plant-based wraps! We’re exploring how to make delicious wraps with simple ingredients and great flavors. We’ve got three awesome recipes to share: Crispy Rice Paper Dumplings with Sauce, Greek Dolmades (Stuffed Grape Leaves), and Cabbage Rolls with Sesame Dipping Sauce.

Try the Crispy Rice Paper Dumplings—they’re crunchy and amazing. They’re made with delicate rice paper and filled with tasty ingredients. There’s also a yummy sauce that makes every bite even better! Next up, take a trip to the Mediterranean with our Greek Dolmades. These are grape leaves stuffed with a mix of delicious flavors, creating a dish that’s both classic and tasty. Lastly, enjoy our Cabbage Rolls. These have hearty cabbage leaves filled with a savory blend. They come with a sesame dipping sauce that adds a twist to this delicious creation.

Come along on this tasty adventure as we share the secrets of making plant-based wraps that not only taste great but will also leave you wanting more of that plant-powered goodness.

There’s a lot of slurping and yumming along with some serious chopstick skills (I thought I had but don’t. LOL!) Kudos to the 2 years old out there though, Asian mastering the art of eating with one hand holding 2 sticks! #genius! I can’t rave enough about this dish, it was super kool to make and really tasty as I ate pretty much every single one! Share this one far and wide as I truly believe anyone with or without cooking skills will find this really really tasty.

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Today I’m bringing you a delightful twist on a classic Greek favorite – Dolmades, also known as Dolma! In this video, I’ll guide you through crafting these delectable stuffed grape leaves that are not only bursting with flavor but are also entirely vegan, gluten-free, and meat-free. Dolmades are epic, and with our recipe, you’ll be able to recreate this Mediterranean masterpiece right in your own home. These bite-sized treats are perfect as appetizers, side dishes, or even a satisfying main course.

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Normally, dumplings are done with pastry or rice paper, but for this recipe, I used cabbage leaves. Hence the name, cabbage rolls. This is really a cool recipe. I used the Asian variety of mushrooms here – oyster, king brown, and shimeji – to create that perfect balance of flavour. Asian dishes are known for their “umami” flavour which is salty, sweet, sour, chili. Simply fantastic. I am so ecstatic that I gave this recipe a go and I am completely speechless at how this turned out. My taste buds are still in shock and trust me, yours will thank you.

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