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Guilt Free Plant Based Snack Ideas

Craving some guilt-free snacks? Look no further! These plant-based delights are here to satisfy your sweet tooth without any guilt. From the deliciously fudgy Sunflower Seed Butter Chocolate Brownies to the irresistible Seed and Caramel Slice, these recipes are sure to make your taste buds dance. And let’s not forget about Cynthia’s Cake Sandwich – the perfect chocolaty combo! Say goodbye to cravings and hello to guilt-free indulgence with these tasty treats.

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It’s a brownie that’s not a brownie. I’m going to call it a brownie anyway ‘coz it looks like one, but it’s definitely not your normal and usual brownie. LOL! Whatever you wish to call it, this is a spectacular recipe. Fudgy, lush, chocolatey, and delicious.

Now, the ingredients I used are really interesting – sunflower butter which made the brownie fudgy (just perfect for this recipe), and my Homemade Nutella that brings this whole thing home in a lush moment. Don’t panic when you don’t have the ingredients available to you. Watch the vid as I’ve mentioned a few tips there that are really helpful.

It’s almost the weekend! Surprise your family or loved ones with this easy-to-make brownie situation and turn an ordinary weekend into something special.

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Gluten-Free Seed and Caramel Slice is a yummy treat without gluten for people who can’t eat it. It has crunchy seeds mixed with sweet caramel for a tasty bite. This snack is safe for those with special diets because it doesn’t have gluten. 

It’s a nice option for when you want something sweet but can’t have gluten. Try Gluten-Free Seed and Caramel Slice for a delicious snack or dessert!


Anyone interested in something creamy and chocolatey and a tad (ok more!) sweet but healthy this weekend?? Did I hear ayee?!? I hear you people! I hear you!!! Chocolate biscuit aka Cake Sandwich. This is the treat that we normally buy at the corner bakery. Kids and kids at heart (like me) love them. I made mine without the shitty ingredients but I know for sure your sweet tooth will celebrate naturally and your body will thank you after that first bite.

The thing with processed sugars is that it gives you that burst of energy. Yeah just a burst and will leave you feeling slump and bloated for the rest of the day. That is just crap!


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