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Trick or Treat: Healthy Halloween Ideas

Are you ready for a spooktacular season of flavor and fun? Halloween is just around the corner, and there’s no better time to embrace the warm and comforting essence of pumpkins. If you’re looking for creative and delicious ways to celebrate the season, you’re in for a treat!

We’re going to take you on an adventure filled with all things pumpkin, showcasing a variety of mouthwatering, plant-based meal ideas that will not only satisfy your taste buds but also get you into the Halloween spirit. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between, we’ll explore the versatility of this iconic fall ingredient, sharing recipes that are both wholesome and hauntingly good.

One-pot Pumpkin Kaffir Lime Soup

If you, like me, are looking for inspiring recipes to get you through the cooler months, I have good news. Here’s a simple soup recipe with simple ingredients that fill that spot. For me, that spot is fabulous in Australia. Here are a few tips I’d like to share with you: When you buy kaffir lime leaves, remember they can be stored in the freezer in a sealed bag. Add some cashews if you want it to be lush and creamy. A splash of black or clear sesame oil brings this home. A few sprinkles of chilli flakes make it all so warm.

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Easy Plant-based Pumpkin Curry

Learn how to make an easy vegan plant-based curry home without using a curry paste. There is something so incredibly heartwarming about an excellent curry dish – it’s comforting, warm, full of flavour, and most of the time, it’s better the next day. Join me in this episode and learn how to make a curry using simple ingredients, without using a store-bought curry paste.

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Easy Vegan Moist Pumpkin Bread

This pumpkin bread is so good it’s hard to walk away. Each slice is packed with pumpkin, incredibly moist, and full of flavour. I can’t rave enough about this recipe.


Watch the video. Make the recipe. Share it in my kitchen group.

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Savoury Quiche Roasted Pumpkin with Caramelized Onion

Omg. This was absolutely fantastic and the flavour is simply epic! It’s so important to find and use fresh ingredients, especially for me as a chef. Flavourful ingredients start with how it’s grown, and when you are able to grow plants, veggies, and anything else in your little garden – it is totally a game changer. For all my plant-based friends out there who are vegan, this is for you! I would totally serve this hot or cold with balsamic glaze, a yummy salad and some roasted nuts tossed through for a little crunch. Happy EATing

Click here for the full recipe.

My Thoughts

Pumpkin, with its earthy flavor and vibrant color, has shown us just how versatile and delightful plant-based cuisine can be. From breakfast pancakes that warm your morning to savory dinner options that celebrate the essence of the season, these recipes offer a little something for everyone.

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