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I LOVE making popcorn and that impatience I feel when I wait for my popcorn to be ready. But I noticed one thing over the years, and it’s kind of funny. When I eat popcorn, I experience this peak and then crash, and I feel sluggish. I actually feel like shit, to be honest!! So today let me show you how to make healthy popcorn.

If you guys feel the same, read on to see what I found out and how I now make healthy popcorn. Believe me, this is going to change your whole idea about popcorn.

What we know as popcorn is the traditional, yellow corn, right?

…well no actually!

Yellow corn is what we normally use, but thanks to my friend Mailijai, I can now enjoy healthy popcorn. Let me explain….

Mailijai once told me that her grandmother used white corn to make popcorn. I was like “What are you talking about girl, what white corn?”

Then she explained that they had only this white corn, and you know what? I FOUND it!!! Before this, I didn’t know this kind of corn exists in popcorn style, but it is amazing.

When you find this corn, you’ll see that the colour and size are different when compared to that ‘traditional’, yellow corn our mums used to make popcorn when we were kids. These white corn seeds are smaller and white, kinda yellowish in colour. And the taste… OMG, you’ll see.

How to Cook Healthy Popcorn – Chef Style

So, this is how I cook healthy popcorn. I pour just a little bit of coconut oil and some ghee…  And I’m talking like about a teaspoon of each, into a large pot (I just love the ones with glass lids for this).

A note on ghee….

You guys know I love ferments, and ghee is originally made from kefir milk. I love to use ghee when making popcorn because of the flavour.

Next, I add some salt, just a little bit, but if you like super salty popcorn, you can add more. I then add the white popping corn, I put the lid on turn up the heat and then I just wait. Oh, yes, and don’t forget to shake, shake, shake…It’s epic! I adjust the heat from high to low throughout the cooking process.

Take off the lid just to sense that coconut and ghee smell. OMG it smells so delicious. When they start popping, don’t forget to shake and play with that heat as well. Once the popping gets intense, I turn up the heat for at least 10 seconds and shake, shake, shake. Then I turn the heat right down so that there is enough heat but they don’t burn.

When done, I sprinkle them with salt and eat. I just love pink Himalayan salt.

It’s so different. Try it! White corn will change everything. And that’s how you make healthy popcorn, wholefood chef style.

The mighty BOB’s RED MILLS brand of white popping corn is the brand I buy.

Chef Cynthia

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