How Do I Do A Cleanse? - Chef Cynthia Louise
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How Should It Be Done?

The most common way to cleanse is to fast. However, this method takes you to a place where it’s super hard to function when you’re working or running your home. Imagine your house smelling of home cooking as the other members of your family prepare dinner, while you’re on juice or water only.  

Juice or water fasting really requires your full attention and space to be able to just be with that delicious smell of a roast dinner cooking or that pasta dish that you love.

There are other ways to cleanse your body, and a gentle one like my 21 Day Cleanse is the best way to go. It has a complete guide with a shopping list, meal plan, filmed recipes, and a community that becomes your biggest cheerleader.

The objective of this cleanse is to be able to give the digestive system a rest, nourish the mind and heart while you go about your busy day, and be able to function and at the same time feel full with each meal.

My top 5 tips on how a cleanse should be are as follows:

  1. The heart, mind, and gut must all be considered when one is doing a cleanse
  2. Giving the digestion a break, but still feeling satisfied 
  3. Understanding the heart, how the memory in our hearts matter when we are cleansing
  4. The food must feel nourishing and filling as you continue to go about your busy day
  5. Letting go gently of the past, stilling in the present, and being able to feel safe in a group that has you back front, and sides with absolutely NO judgment 

Which Is The Right Cleanse To Do?

Before I created my 21 Day Cleanse program, I bought a whole heap of cleansing programs. And I was just thinking how do I do this? What my passion is as a Chef is not just making food and making recipes, it’s about teaching the energy behind the food and helping all of us understand how our thoughts matter. 

And what I noticed when I purchased and tried other cleanses is that they are all about restrictions, and thought to myself, that is really hard. So what I did was create a nutrient-dense cleanse. And what I found out from the thousands of people who did it, the common denominator within this cleanse is the feeling of letting go. Sinking into the spiritual practice of being present, and allowing all the stories that we hold on to around the food, dieting, and weight loss go.

I’ve worked in this industry for such a long time and I’ve done fasting retreats, cleansing retreats, health retreats. I have my own retreat. I’ve seen it all – keto, paleo, all the diets, all the limiting beliefs around how we should think. And what I’ve realised is that what I built was just like flooding the body with nutrition – big amounts of nutrition, and allowing the digestive system to have a break. 

Since I’ve done this, I understand the process of letting go and I think that’s a beautiful thing that we can do in our everyday lives.

Life is surprisingly magical when we decide to let go of the behaviours that affect our health.  Head on to my website to learn more about my 21 day cleanse and share your thoughts and experiences with my cleanse on my YouTube channel.

I am with you on this journey.

Chef Cynthia Louise xx

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About the Author

Chef Cynthia Louise is an Internationally acclaimed MasterChef, speaker, author, restaurant consultant, teacher and television presenter in wholefood, dairy-free cooking. She also has the worlds first online cooking classes focused on dairy-free plant-based whole foods with recipes that people are raving about and changing people's health, one delicious bite at a time. Chef Cynthia loves nothing more than educating people about the simplicity and vitality of a plant-based, whole foods lifestyle. Each dish is like art on a plate and her flavour combinations nourish the soul and get everyone talking.