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This Is The Most Important Tip You Have To Know When Buying Any Sugar Substitutes.

If you’re anything like me, you love celebrating your sweet tooth (naturally!) without feeling like a freak at the dinner table, but more feeling empowered around what is truly possible when it comes to the basic human need of wanting something sweet.

Let’s leave the trends out and just be simply real here… I WANT SOMETHING SWEET NOW!!!!

There’s a lot of confusion in my opinion when it comes to sweets. We often get told anything sweet is not going to be ok (they are even baggin out fruit now), but it’s simply not true.

There are sweets that are made with great thought and care in chemistry food labs around the world that are truly with all intention creating something sweet that leaves you wanting more. I personally think that’s #Genius, really!!!

…and then there are the sweets that are a from whole real foods that haven’t been processed in a lab and are as close as nature intended them to be with the minimal amount of human interference. I personally also think that’s also #Genius, really.  Nature at it’s finest.

My thoughts are not to educate you on the truth, the good or the bad in sugar. Just Google a doco on Food Matters TV about sugar and you can get educated by the experts.

Me, I am just simply wanting to eat something sweet on the odd occasion, rarely at times and at other times like a freight train about to rip someones head off if I don’t get my hands on something sweet… 😉

Anywho, I feel I want to be able to make sweets that firstly don’t taste like some hippy crappy tahini food that’s slightly sweet. I want proper sweetness, beautiful sweetness, rich sweetness, smack me in the face with flavour sweetness!

I want to look at a sweet recipe I have created online in my Online Cooking Classes and happily choose what I want without trying at all to be “healthy”.  Just simply sitting in the genius of nature and how I manage to make a sweet-ism that my mates, my son Jayman and husband Scott can’t get enough of…. that’s the gig I want to share with you all…

Healthy Sugar Alternatives To Create Decadent Sweet Desserts – Yes There Is A Choice!

Life is amazing and I want to experience and taste it all…

ALL I tell ya.

And I want to be able to freeze my sweets so I have them on tap. Fuck’d if I am going to make stuff every day or every other week, it’s just not going to happen!

So, in Celebrate Your Sweet Tooth Naturally online cooking classes, freezer friendly sweets are a HELL YES for me and my mob at home, such a HELL YES they always ask “What ya got Chef that’s sweet?” My response is “have a look in the freezer – there is something there“.

So with that in mind, we can create sweet foods together with ease and flow, and of course everything in moderation, with the belief that everyone should be able to celebrate their sweet tooth naturally every day.  So the invention of the freezer (whoever that was) is a fuck’n #genius.

So here are some of my favourite healthy sugar alternatives to sweeten your food using super cool ‘products’ that have been on the planet for thousands of centuries. They are all used in my online cooking classes, so you all can come and start to transform the way you eat sweets.

Best Sugar Alternatives To Create A Rich Caramel Like Flavour

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is definitely one of the sweeteners I replace processed cane sugar with. I love maple syrup for its beautiful caramel flavour, and a splash of vanilla with a pinch of salt and BOOM look out, this shit’s addictive when made into a caramel slice. A caramel slice that’s so real you could sell it at the local bakery. Yep, and the humans would be just flipping out about how bloody good it is, not even knowing it’s mineral rich.

Whereas refined sugars in caramel slice are lacking in minerals. And there we are in nature with our bodies needing minerals for the digestive process, good digestion =  good pooing, so when you eat refined foods, those minerals have to come from your body’s stores and that does not, I repeat DOES NOT help with Pooing…!  So my caramel slice from Celebrate Your Sweet Tooth Naturally is more than a slice. It’s silky smooth texture and full powered sweetness of EPIC glory is something most heavy sweet eaters will be like HELL YES….

It’s FUCKEN GENIUS actually, and you will be “regular” with this one!

Coconut Sugar – Sweet Sensation

Coconut sugar is a fairly new one for me, and to be truthful the only reason I started to use it is that I live in Bali, Indonesia where this sweet glory is made. So that makes it an easy go-to sweetener for me. One thing though with the substitution for any recipe from cane to coconut is that you don’t add a cup to a cup.  Coconut sugar is not as “sweet” as cane sugar so ya gotta add a little more, sometimes double.  Remember, tasting as you go to check the sweetness is the best way to go.

Honey, The Bomb Of Natural Sweeteners

Honey is really the bomb of all natural sweeteners. In my online cooking classes, I teach you all for instance how to use honey to stick all the ingredients together to form a lovely base for a raw cake.  Honey is such a miracle from bees and flowers.  Its healing properties have been recognised by so many cultures for thousands of years.  Check in your local area if there is anyone with hives, and selling, preferably raw, local honey.  So many cafes have honey bees on their rooftops now, no shit for real for real.  It’s great to support local community this way, plus local honey is better for you and generally, it’s in an unprocessed raw state, meaning bees to honey to you, simple!

Dried Fruit – To Richen And Make Delicious Cake Bases

My other favourite way to add sweetness is dried fruit. I put dried fruit into the bases of many of my raw cakes and watch them come to life. If I’m making a chilli chocolate cheesecake or a chocolate slab of just chocolate, dried fruit is the number one sweetener.  I add it to the nuts, seeds, grains and coconut. Or I take that mixture and use it as a rich and delicious base for a tart.

Dried fruit is nature’s candy that makes any human connect back to where we all came from. “Nature” in all its conscious and beauty with no health claims or trends. Dried fruit is simply gods way of saying “I love you”!  Say hello to a new way of using dates, raisins, figs, currrent.. go wild.

The Most Important Tip To Know When Buying Any Sugar Substitutes

Last but not least, When looking for Healthy Sugar Alternatives To Create Decadent Sweet Desserts, quality is the key for all natural sweeteners.  Pure maple syrup (not just maple-flavoured) is the real deal. I’m talking about syrup coming from those maple trees in Canada that have been around for 1000’s of years with family farms still to this day tapping into that very wonderful maple tree in the beginning of winter to harvest that very sweet wonderful caramel sweetener called maple syrup.

Then we have coconut sugar. The quality is important but for me, it’s more the quality of the lives of those amazing humans in Indonesia. Day after day while their families watch from far, far below without any safety of a harness, they climb those massive tall coconut trees to tap into the coconut flour, to harvest coconut syrup to then turn it into coconut crystals called coconut sugar for us back home.

WOW, it brings a shine in my heart knowing that I bought a bag of coconut sugar from an organisation or co-op of farmers that support not only the end product but the community.  As working humans in developing countries, it can be very hidden that wages can be a little cruel. So let’s all remember to not get caught out by marketing. Check your labels at the supermarket. Fairtrade and the farmers are the quality I am talking about. That goes for honey and dried fruit too.

If you have a sweet tooth, make sure you check out my Celebrate Your Sweet Tooth program – you will be in heaven to find so many guilt-free sweet treats!

Love Chef xx

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