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Are you hungry? Make a snack!

Hi there! On this blog, we are creating tasty plant-based snacks from scratch in your kitchen! No need for fancy ingredients or complicated steps here. Get set to discover how to make delicious treats that are good for both you and the planet. Let’s jump in and explore the journey from scratch to snack!

I have always wanted to make crunchy chickpeas as they’re yummy and fun to eat. Healthy snacking? Yep, #winning! I was able to buy one before in a packet in the supermarket, but to my dismay, they’re really oily, gross, stale, rancid, etc… Super annoying.

So, I am just thrilled that my mate Lasmi came up with this crunchy chickpea recipe one time when we were mocking in the kitchen. Super cool!

This recipe I will use as a salad add-on, but you can basically, just snack on it. Totally add to this as you prefer, like a few more seeds, different spices, and so on… It’s the beauty of making your own, you are in control of what you use and what you put on – ingredients that will do good to your body.

From Scratch to Snack: Plant-Based Goodies At Home

My chickpea tip for you – don’t eat immediately when you take ‘em off from the oven or you’ll burn your mouth. And don’t be too quick to put the lid of the container on when they’re still hot as it will make the chickpeas collapse and moist. What you do is to let ‘em completely cool, store them in an airtight container, and into the fridge they go (not the shelf) as the fridge will keep your chickpeas crisp.

Now, let me hear that crunch!

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This recipe coming to you is roasted cauliflower. One of my most memorable meals was baked cauliflower. True Story. I am obsessed with it. I believe it was because of the quality of the cauliflower. It was organic. Roasted with a little oil, cumin, salt, and pepper. Buttery and rich in flavour. Melts in your mouth. How can something so simple taste soooo damn good??? I wonder who came up with this idea? Clever human.

From Scratch to Snack: Plant-Based Goodies At Home

Baking a head of cauliflower is actually super easy. Just add a few isms for flavour and away you go….and any leftovers are great in salad bowls the next day. Have a look at the vid. I filmed this just for you. And let me know if it rocks your world too. This is most definitely a great way to use this veggie. The cauliflower will thank you for not steaming it for a change, hahahahah.

Much love.

Let’s Eat!

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If you are a fan of garlic and love your potatoes a little bit on the crispy side! This is the recipe for you! The trick? smash them garlic and potatoes! Enjoy!

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Let’s Start Snacking…

Making plant-based snacks at home is easy and delicious! Start cooking and enjoy healthy treats for you and the planet.!

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With love from my kitchen to yours,

Chef Cynthia Louise xx

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