This Vegan Wholefood Egg Replacement Is The Best Kept Secret Ever! - Chef Cynthia Louise
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The Vegan Egg Replacement Binder That Serves As A Digestive Cleanse As Well

Are you vegan or intolerant to eggs and looking for a vegan egg replacement? Something that binds really well and is gluten free too. As a Chef who is conscious about other people’s needs, I know it’s a common thing.

And I know often people go for that powdered packet egg replacer, because they don’t know other options exist. But there is always a wholefood solution and I’m going to share a couple of tricks with you. I don’t mind eggs and eat them on occasion myself, but these “replacements” are so genius and awesome that often they are my first choice anyway.

The Vegan Egg Replacement Binder That Serves As A Digestive Cleanse As Well

I know for some people eating too many eggs can cause constipation, so the brilliant thing about this egg replacement wholefood is that is will actually cleanse your digestive system. The other great thing is that it’s gluten free.

You ready? It’s psyllium! Yep psyllium is the bomb of all binders in cooking!

Psyllium fibres soak up liquid so hold everything together perfectly AND psyllium is really well known fibre to help keep you ‘regular’. So I absolutely freakin’ love this, it’s just genius!

Let’s say I’m making a vegetable patty of grated zucchini, carrots, onion, shallots, with a little salt, pepper, parsley and chilli for seasoning. When I combine these ingredients in a bowl, the mixture is loose and liquid. I want to bind the mix into veggie patties and fry them up, so what do I do?

I could add flour, but if I’m allergic to gluten, gluten-free flour won’t work because gluten is the binder in flour. So I add a little psyllium—a teaspoon at a time—and let it sit in the bowl until my mixture becomes sticky. Now I’m ready to form and pan fry my patties.

I love ingredients that work really hard for your organs as well as help you nail a recipe!

Genius Second Option Egg Replacement That’s A Great Digestive Aid Also

Chia seeds are another brilliant egg replacement as they soak up liquid to form a gel. You can even combine both chia seeds and psyllium together.

Of course chia seeds have a lot of great benefits, and again are really good for your gut health. You don’t have to know all the reasons “why” but I believe that knowing that something is good for you helps put us into a powerful mindset to feel really good about ourselves and our food. You are what you Think, as well as what you Eat!

The Secret To Get These Vegan Binders Working

Here’s how to make sure these binders give you perfect results everytime.

1. Add one teaspoon of psyllium or chia to your mix at a time. 2. To get the binding magic to work use your hands, get in there with a bit of LOVE and mix the ingredients really well. 3. Let the mix sit for 3-4 minutes. 4. Really look at it and see if it’s holding together. If it falls apart, add a little more binder and let it sit until the moisture is absorbed and everything stays together.

So there you have two wholefood ingredients that you might already have in your kitchen that work as fantastic egg replacements. I like ingredients to work hard for me, so the more uses they have the better I say!

Enjoy using theses tips, and if you have any comments or questions, ask me on my Chef Cynthia Louise Facebook Page.

Chef Cynthia Louise xx

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