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Easy Bread Recipes For You

Bread is one of the oldest joys in the world, and I want to share the joy with you through these easy bread recipes you can make at home.

Pretty much all of my conversations involve some sort of bread. 

I went out for dinner with one mate in particular and she picks the place to eat knowing they have good garlic bread! LOL. You know who you are! 

And then, some of my friends request my super moist pumpkin and banana bread or my Vegan traditional banana bread – and they say “it’s the best, Chef!”

Low carb diets like “Atkins” and “South Beach” or the “keto” diet seem like a living hell to my mates and me. As bread is the one thing that we all find completes us. 

Bread represents family and community. We eat it when we are celebrating and we have it even during heartbreaks. It connects cultures and was originally used as the symbol of money and abundance. Like who makes the bread? Are you making enough dough?? LOL

Dairy-free garlic bread for you to try.

Click here for the full recipe.

easy bread

This pumpkin bread is so good it’s hard to walk away. Each slice is packed with pumpkin, incredibly moist, and full of flavour. I can’t rave enough about this easy bread recipe.

Here is the link for the full recipe.

easy bread

Vegan Banana Bread

Another easy bread recipe for you is the moist vegan banana bread with some ingenious whole food ingredient swaps. This vegan banana bread is made for everyone, but especially for all you vegans out there who might be missing out on some of your favourite baked isms because of the egg situation.

Click here to check this recipe out.

easy bread

From Africa to Italy and everywhere in between, bread is at the heart of a family and it is at the basics of humanity. It’s constant, and it’s also delicious.

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Give these easy bread recipes a go and let me know what you think on my YouTube channel.

With love from my kitchen to yours,

Chef Cynthia Louise xx

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Chef Cynthia Louise is an Internationally acclaimed MasterChef, speaker, author, restaurant consultant, teacher and television presenter in wholefood, dairy-free cooking. She also has the worlds first online cooking classes focused on dairy-free plant-based whole foods with recipes that people are raving about and changing people's health, one delicious bite at a time. Chef Cynthia loves nothing more than educating people about the simplicity and vitality of a plant-based, whole foods lifestyle. Each dish is like art on a plate and her flavour combinations nourish the soul and get everyone talking.

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