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Magic of Christmas with Wholesome Sweetness: Kid-Friendly Cookie Recipes

Get ready for a delicious twist on your holiday cookie tradition! This year, we’re diving into a world of Christmas cookie recipes that are not only festive and tasty but also healthier for the little ones. Join us on this baking adventure as we explore the magic of the season with wholesome sugar alternatives perfect for kids. Let’s make your holiday treats both yummy and good for you!

Come join the fun as we reinvent Christmas baking with a healthy touch! Experience the joy of the season in every bite of our kid-friendly, health-conscious Christmas cookie recipes. Let’s make this festive time delicious and good for you and your loved ones!

White Chocolate And Hazelnut Cookies

I’m seriously considering seeking counselling since I, Cynthia Louise, am extremely addicted to cookies. FACT!! This recipe is a great example of super delicious recipes in my brand new cookbook that’s all things sweets called Celebrate Your Sweet Tooth. An appropriate name for a desserts cookbook as each recipe celebrates YOUR sweet tooth naturally, without all that white sugar, cream, buttermilk, and shitty white flour!! 

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Once upon a time, in my little studio kitchen called Flavortown, there lived a renowned chef named Cynthia. She was famous for her culinary prowess and her ability to whip up the most delectable dishes in the entire world (so her friends say). However, Cynthia had a little secret—one that no one knew about except for her closest friends. Chef Cynthia was absolutely addicted to cookies. The chocolate variety that is. It all started innocently enough.

Cynthia would bake a batch of fresh cookies every now and then to satisfy her sweet tooth. But little did she know that those innocent treats would soon become her ultimate weakness. One day, Cynthia baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies that were so irresistible she couldn’t help but devour the entire tray within minutes. From that moment on, cookies became her obsession. The thought of the crunchy or chewy or gooey goodness of freshly baked cookies soon became a cookie wonderland to all her friends who visited.

However, Cynthia’s cookie addiction didn’t come without its challenges. She found herself in hilarious situations more often than not. Once, she accidentally substituted salt for sugar in a batch of cookies, turning them into salt bombs that made people pucker up like never before. Another time, she got so carried away with baking that she forgot to set the timer, resulting in cookies that were as hard as rocks. 

But despite the occasional mishaps, Cynthia’s cookie addiction continued to fuel her passion for cooking. She laughed off her mistakes and used them as inspiration to create even more outrageous cookie concoctions. This recipe is a cookie. This time these cookies are filled with a drop of Homemade Nutella… And yes I ate the entire batch again…

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My studio kitchen is filled with so much laughter and EATing. Behind all my recipes I have quite a large team of professionals. Talented humans are the reason I am in the position I am today. One team member, in particular, is Lasmini. A beautiful talented woman in her own right who originally was a cleaner for one of my mates. 

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My Thoughts

When we bake these treats together, families can spend time together, make memories, and enjoy homemade goodies. These recipes not only make our homes feel like the holiday season but also make our holiday celebrations healthier and happier.

So, this Christmas, let’s have fun baking delicious cookies that not only taste great but also show we care about our loved ones’ health. By picking recipes with healthier sugars, we can make sure the holiday season brings joy while also being mindful of our children’s well-being. Let’s make this holiday truly special and meaningful.

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With love from my kitchen to yours,

Chef Cynthia Louise xx

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