One-On-One Coaching - Chef Cynthia Louise
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The commitment Chef Cynthia Louise provides to each individual is inspiring. Her love and understanding with wholefood has given us a much healthier lifestyle and a better understanding of keeping it simple and ever so tasty. Who would have thought myself and my family would crave and I mean crave all the beautiful wholefood that is out there to enjoy.

- Nicole


People with special dietary
requirements + food intolerances

Wanting to know what 
ingredients to substitute

Stuck in your kitchen and 
need support

Sports people and athletes ready to 
increase their energy levels + improve recovery

People who are looking to heal themselves with wholefoods

Parents with fussy kids and
are stuck with what to do

Transitioning from a
meat-based diet to plant-based

Tips + tricks to master your cooking

Mums wanting to know what to feed their kids that is healthy

Woman who are needing help with their "weight"

“It’s all about meeting your needs, 
in the most beautiful way”

- Chef Cynthia Louise

What to expect?

What To Expect During
Your One-On-One Session

Sourcing, preparing and cooking with wholefoods for the first time can be a challenge to some, and if you feel ‘stuck’ I can open myself up to have a ‘one-on-one’ session with you.

I can walk you through anything you need help with. I can help you through everything from knife skills to flavour combining in order to make super nourishing tasty dishes that are uniquely yours.

If you need help with special dietary plans for children with food intolerances or allergies this is where I really shine.

We all come from such different places with what we’ve grown up with that I understand sometimes you might just need that little bit of extra support and encouragement to get where you want to be in the kitchen.

Whatever it is you are challenged by it would be an honour to help you and watch you grow. This is my passion, my gift and my purpose.

During a one-on-one session
with me I will:
  • Understand what your challenges + needs are around ingredients, food preparation and cooking.
  • Provide you with practical solutions to overcome your current challenges
  • Find that magic spark that exists within you and set it alight so that then you start to feel like a rockstar in your kitchen
  • Establishing a very solid foundation from sourcing ingredients, freezing, storing, cooking techniques
  • An abundance of ideas that are completely tailored to you, your needs and level of skill in the kitchen - whatever that may be
  • Helping you gain confidence and clarity in kitchen

1 hour detailed initial consultation

  • Indepth food consulting
  • Identify challenges
  • Identify special requirements
  • Provide tailored solutions

30 minute follow-up consultation

What else is included?

  • Record Skype Call
  • Chef Cynthia Louise Private Online
    Kitchen Community Access


Cynthia Louise’s Super Ebook Bundle (Valued at USD $45.00)

USD $247

30 minute consultation

  • Pick my brain
  • Food conversation
  • Drawing inspiration

What else is included?

  • Record Skype Call
  • Chef Cynthia Louise Private Online
    Kitchen Community Access
USD $127

We often need someone looking in from the outside
to help us discover our own talents

- Chef Cynthia Louise

WHAT others say?


Chef Cynthia is so easy to be with, really easy to understand as she explains everything so in detail and she’s just loves her work, the passion, the love of the food, uhh she has me appreciate food, not just it’s amazing taste, all the colors, so many colors and a deeper level of appreciation for vegan and vegetarian food.


Chef Cynthia is just fantastic what else can I say, the food is just wonderful, the cooking is wonderful. How she makes the food and how she talks about it and what she says makes you want to love food and it's unbelievable.


Hello! I’m Chef Cynthia Louise

I love to cook and create food for people. Real food, as in edible plants! Food as nature intended. It’s such a special gift food. It’s ability to bring people together and to nourish us on all levels – I love it! What makes me crazy is all the confusion out there about what to eat! I want to bring some clarity and realness to your table. I’m here to give you everything you need to make your own extraordinary everyday food, from scratch, using real ingredients. Simple.


My mission is to facilitate creativity in the most humblest of kitchens around the world.  Creating high vibrational recipes using accessible ingredients as close to nature intended them to be with low human interference.