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Today’s topic – nuts and seeds! We all know how nutritious they are and that they are not only good as snacks but a great addition to your dishes as well. But today, I would like to talk about the best way to store nuts and seeds. Just imagine this – you decide to make some nut milks for your kids. You go to the kitchen, grab the jar with the nuts, make the milk or milkshake, but at the very first sip, you realise that something is odd there. Yeah, the nuts got rancid.

This is what we all do – we find good nuts on sale.

I like nuts and seeds, and when I stumble upon this opportunity, I don’t think twice. I just buy them. What I used to do some years ago is store these nuts and seeds in glass jars. And after some time, I get so pissed when I see that they have gone rancid. The thing is that nuts and seeds are rich is good plant fats and oils. If exposed to humidity and heat, these oils get rancid, and you can only throw away your nuts. Money wasted…

We think that glass jars and airtight containers are safe, but they are actually not that good for storing nuts and seeds. And I don’t have any idea how humidity goes into these jars, but it somehow finds its way inside. And this usually happens if you live in a hot climate like me. It’s freaking hot here in Bali, and don’t let me get started on humidity. It’s a disaster for the nuts I buy. But I discovered the best way to store nuts and seeds. You can also use these tips on how to make chocolate at home.

Chef’s Secret to Storing Nuts And Seeds

The first and most important thing is to find a supplier that consistently provides you with a good product to start with. Have you ever gone to eat a nut or a seed expecting that gorgeous flavour and crunchiness only to find it’s rancid? That’s because it’s been left out in the heat. So, find a reputable supplier. Your local health food store is a good place to look. Better yet, get together with some friends and buy in bulk. Massive savings when you do that!

Now when you get good quality nuts and seeds, you should store them for future use. And here comes the best part! I discovered an amazing machine, called Cryovac machine, that keeps food perfectly fresh. Basically, you put your nuts and seeds into plastic bags that come with the machine, and the machine will suck out all the air so that nothing, but absolutely nothing can come in touch with your precious seeds and nuts. It’s amazing, isn’t it? And this is what I’ve been doing ever since I found this amazing thing. Believe me, this is the best way to store nuts and seeds long-term. You can store them in bulk or small portions, label them and they won’t get spoiled.

If you live in a hot climate but with not such a high level of humidity, you can do this first and then put them in the freezer. This will not take away anything from the nuts and seeds you decide to store this way. They will be packed with flavour, healthy fats, and crunchy texture.

Raw nuts stay really fresh this way. I have a friend who actually likes to eat frozen nuts as a snack. When thawed, they’re a great product on a salad. And their consistency is not altered at all when broken down in the Vitamix to make a creamy sauce.

This is a big money saver and you will love it!

With love, from my kitchen to yours,

Chef Cynthia Louise

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