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LIVE WEB EVENT: Chef Cynthia Louise

Cleanse that KGs away

Let's talk about food, inflammation, weight loss and body reset!

Live Web Event

Thursday, 11th May 2023, 5:00 PM AWST (Perth)

About The Live Web Event

I am just going to say it how it is. I got BIG. 10kg bigger, and I needed to do something or I was seriously going to crawl under a rock and hide!

Going through hell, all I wanted to EAT was a BIG bag of chips. And trust me I did and it does not help at all!

The weight I gained made simple movements a struggle – clothes not fitting, puffing while climbing up the stairs, my butt getting bigger and bigger, and the roll around my tummy was just annoying. Hiding under BIG oversized dresses also was not the answer cause as I waved goodbye to someone, the fluid in my arms moved like jelly, and that just sucked!

With the swelling arms, neck, legs, and ass, I could no longer zipper up my work jeans. Things really started to hurt!

10kg bigger, larger, fatter whatever you wanna call it along with a kitchen fall that turned into an injury – I just didn’t feel good. Talk about a crap start to any day!

I walked on my treadmill at home, and nothing changed.

I ate all the right foods and nothing changed.

I certainly didn’t speak all the right words to my body.

And how many others out there felt what I felt?

And how many others felt like following a strict diet was the answer?

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The feedback was clear, I needed to get rid of the inflammation (10kg of fluid) in my body.

I needed to feel nourished, and full when I ate. I needed NOT to eat like a bird or a rabbit. I needed filling foods that I could take with me to work and that will carry me throughout my busy day.

My friends made sure of that as I developed a 21-day cleanse that they all gave 10/10 and a BIG thumbs up!

With all my studies over the years working with the right people, I absolutely knew the suitable recipes to get significant, healthy change.

My attention was clear, I needed to create recipes that are high in PREbiotics so my body could rest in the process and allow the inflammation to go away.

This web event will take you to the back end of the members’ area of the cleanse to show you how this all works.


See you there.
Chef Cynthia Louise


Cleanse that KGs away

Let's talk about food, inflammation, weight loss and body reset!

Thursday, 11th May 2023, 5:00 PM AWST (Perth)


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