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Did you know it’s linked to a lack of Collagen

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LIVE on THURSDAY, 1st June, 5:00 PM AWST (Perth) 7:00 PM AEST (Brisbane)

Introduced by Chef Cynthia with Phil Hoare

About The Live Web Event

Collagen is everywhere in the body and it is like the glue that keeps your body together and connected. But what if your glue is not the Super Glue it used to be?

The first place you lose your Collagen is your skin and you start to see signs of aging like wrinkles, your skin may become saggy, your hair may thin, your nails may become more brittle and so the list goes on.

This is what is happening on the outside, but then we start to lose collagen on the inside?. Iit starts to affect our 79 organs on the inside, which also includes your SEXUAL ORGANS.

Signs of lack of collagen for SEXUAL HEALTH in women can be viganal dryness and men can be erictile dysfunction. Yes, it affects men as well.
Together we are better, and by joining myself and Phil, an Autoimmune Transformation Specialist, on my Web Event, you will have front row seats to what will blow your mind on how collagen may be a missing link to your SEXUAL HEALTH..

During the Web Event you’ll learn:

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By the end of my Live Web Event, you will see how important your connective tissue and collagen production is key to our health as we age. This will also complement all what you are currently doing to amplify your health journey.

See you there.
Chef Cynthia Louise xxx


Phil Hoare

Phil is an Autoimmune Transformation Specialist, Health Advocate & International Speaker, who believes that knowledge on how to experience optimal health should be simple, accessible and affordable. He loves thinking outside of the ‘Health Box’ and is devoutly driven to help people get their life back on track.

His mission is for humanity to be free of its health challenges, and it’s through the group programs he guides and supports many people to uncover the root cause while designing personalized solutions for them. Many are surprised how simple it really is.
It’s your time to SHINE!


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