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Pursue your passion with online classes taught by TV chef, Chef Cynthia Louise With 60+ hours of plant-based lessons, you’ll never stop learning.

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Learn HOW TO make gut-healthy plant-based recipes on your own terms, at your own pace on mobile, desktop, or Apple TV.
I am there with you every step of the way from my kitchen to yours.

Wholefood Love
Celebrate Your sweet tooth naturally
In the raw

(Each series contains over 50 fantastic recipes (200 in total), each with step-by-step videos and downloaded pdfs, housed in a beautiful membership site with complete online access to chef cynthia louise with each recipe.)


Gluten Free At Home Online Cooking Class


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The bundle option is not only the greatest value but gives you the most expansive variety of options. Living a wholefood lifestyle there will be times you want raw food, times you want some healthy comfort food and let’s face it “I don’t enjoy sweet food” said nobody ever!! Balance is the key. When eating a variety of wholefoods your weight normalises, digestion improves and skin will be glowing.

The bundle will have you covered for any occasion, and any food craving! No more sinking feeling when someone asks you to bring any dish to a BBQ or dinner party. And there’s nothing better than enjoying food you really love that’s guilt free and that you’ve made in your own kitchen with love.


Wholefoods love class teaches cooking techniques: dairy-free, vegetarian family favourites, taking the daily worry and thought out of what’s for dinner. Wholefoods love has a series of 50+ step by step video lessons that fit into daily kitchen experience.


Celebrate Your Sweet Tooth Naturally: Is a complete sweets unique class, focusing on techniques: raw, cooked and baking sweet desserts and slices without using white sugar, dairy cream, cows milk, and dairy butter. This class is designed with your organs in mind all 78 of them. The 50+ recipes in this class give you the tools to create your own desserts at home that are freezer friendly, family-friendly and for that chocolate addict in the family; to be able to have sweet food and not compromise their health.


In the Raw: Teaching you clever and easy to execute techniques when it comes to raw food without the expensive equipment long hours of sprouting or dehydrating. The 50 recipes in this class bring out the natural sweetness of fresh raw vegetables designed for you at home to detox naturally. If you have a health condition, or just want to get healthier or lose weight and were worried about missing out on your favourite foods this class honours you. Offering you the simplicity to take fresh fruits and vegetables and pimp them up as your body starts to shift weight and your skin will glows.

ONLINE Gluten Free & Vegan Filmed Recipes

Gluten-Free at home gut-healing class with over 50+ recipes is everything I have learned from all the Drs and Biochemists I have worked with and still work with in mulitple health retreats. You will learn how to create home-cooked vegan and gluten-free dishes to add to your cooking journey that will suit the entire family without using; butter, cream, and dairy milk. I show you how to keep that perfect texture when replacing dairy.

ALL 4 classes with over 60+ hours total of 200+ filmed step by step recipes all to nurture you at home.

In the classes, I will be talking about the right cooking oils to use, how salt is not the devil, what to replace white sugar and dairy with. I dive deep into simple cooking techniques in all four classes that save you time, best equipment to use, kitchen hacks, heart-opening conversations within the recipes that softly help you feel at ease in the kitchen, give you so much more confidence all for a $1 a recipe, you are saving money and your health will love it. I am giving you life membership in the class, 100% online, 100% epic.

You might be a fabulous home cook or someone that is so scared of cooking, I am your CHEF and I can not wait for you to have all 4 programs. You will have me teaching you every step of the way watching and creating recipes that have your health in mind. Starting with whatever skill level or experience you have. These classes are absolutely life-changing.

This is not a diet. I know from years of experience those damn diets, food trends, counting calories don’t work. THEY JUST DON’T!!! I have helped countless women turn their weight and health around. Greatly improving family’s health and wellbeing. These online cooking classes are undoubtedly an investment you can give yourself or a loved one.

Where thoughts go energy flows.

Food Matters. You Matter.

Support the temple that is your body!

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Students give the classes an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. I OFFER A 100% LEARNING GUARANTEE ON THIS PURCHASE

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​”​Your classes are amazing! I would not want to live without them now.
You are fabulous, such a beautiful soul. Your recipes make me feel alive and bouncy! xx​”​


How do I receive access to the Online Cooking Classes?

The Online Cooking Classes are in a password protected Membership site. After your purchase you will receive an email with your login in details and password and a link the to membership site where all the video recipes are held

Are the Online Cooking Classes assess for life?

Yes, you have lifetime access to all the Online Cooking Classes you purchase.

Is cooking with Wholefood expensive?

No, and it's definitely not as expensive as going to the hospital or being on medication for the rest of your life... Good quality Organic ( where possible ) wholefood is part of my health insurance.

Are Chef Cynthia's recipes all Dairy and Animal free?

Yes, Chef Cynthia's cooking in this series is all vegan, gluten free and vegetarian.

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