What’s Your Inner Health Contract When It Comes To Whole Food Living?

Today I want you to take a look at your relationship with Whole Food Living.

Often in the kitchen, we get to discuss recipes, but for me, a big part of what I do is not just the creation side but the connection side. You know, the human being bit.

One of the best things I think I’ve ever been told is about having an “Inner Health Contract”.

WTF? You might say. Don’t worry. I’m gonna explain it more here.

What’s An Inner Health Contract, And Why Should I Have One?

Well, let’s take a look at the other contracts some of us have signed over the years. Like um, what about housing? Yep homes, that’s a good one to look at.

Ok so we found a home, we cut the deal, signed the contract, we have moved in and we now maintain that f*cker daily right? Yep, done and dusted baby. Signed & sealed.  We make a commitment to maintain the property and to pay the money back, and use it as our place of shelter. With love and care it becomes our home, that place where children are raised and grandparents come to stay…YES, home !!

The point I am trying to make here is, what is the difference really with one contract to the next? House or our inner health? It’s all pretty much the same right? They both are after some sort of commitment from us right?

What Does An Inner Health Contract To Whole Food Living Look Like?

So I emailed my mate this very question, “What’s your inner health contract when it comes to whole food living?”.

She replied back straight away, “Oh yeah Chef, I got that all written down and it’s signed & sealed”.

I was totally impressed, and replied, “Hit me with it honey!”.

So she did. And here it is.

Name: Rachelle

Clause 1 to 12 – my inner health contract when it comes to food?

If I am to achieve optimal health and the greatest version of myself, and my body, it comes down to the little things I do every day. Whole food living for me goes way beyond food, so to get shiny diamond clear on what that means for me I make my own contract with myself. Starting off with the following statement

“If I am to achieve optimal health and the greatest version of myself and my body then I must…

  1. I must.. Drink 1 liter of fresh, alkalised water per 20kg per body weight- preferably  litres before I break my intermittent fast
  2. I must…Intermittent Fast from 8pm- midday.
  3. I must… Exercise and move my body, push myself with PT sessions every week, STRETCH and LENGTHEN my body via Pilates of Yoga.. Walk..
  4. I must… Break my fast with some fresh cut fruit e.g.: watermelon
  5. I must… Consciously BREATHE via my diaphragm and do Tyler Tolman’s 7 rounds of 7 THREE times a day to assist with digestion and with managing my stress
  6. I must… Have a nutritionally dense juice every day + a wheatgrass shot
  7. I must… Have a smoothy
  8. I must.. stay raw till 4/5pm every day
  9. I must.. stop eating for 2 hours BEFORE my night time meal
  10. I must.. eat mainly salad with 1 cooked ism every night
  11. I must.. stop eating by 8pm then switch to drinking water
  12. I must… LISTEN to my body after i eat something.. see how I am feeling.. Do I feel Constipated? Tired? Vibrant? Light?



Now It’s Your Turn, Get Clear On How You Want To Show Up For Yourself

Thank you Rachelle for the share, and I see that your contract suits you, knowing it is not a one size fits all. Your “I must” starting sentences are strong, clear and are created around you and your lifestyle, work, parenting and being a wife and an independent woman living in this time and space reality.

It is inspiring reading your “Inner Health Contract” and to watch you adhere to what you have signed daily. Powerful, helpful and healthy. Thanks again mate.

To all the humans out there, #trust in your ability to have drawn up your very own “Inner Health Contract” find what is achievable, sustainable and consistent when it comes to whole food living.

Your body loves you, your body is working for you, not against you. I look forward to all your feedback on this matter and you sharing your “Inner Health Contract”

Chef xx

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