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Host: Chef Cynthia with Daina Kahu

How to stop swelling (and bloating) from ruining your Summer

Without following restrictive diets or intense exercise programs

Live Web Event Introduced by Chef Cynthia with Daina Kahu
March 24, 2022, 5:00 PM Perth/Singapore Time

About The Live Web Event

Do you spend your summers hiding inside, trying to cool down to stop your legs from swelling?

Are you finding your body is swelling since your medical procedure (surgery/injections)?

Do you get bloated when looking at food, feeling stressed or before your period?

You are not alone if you answered yes to any of those questions!

Swelling (the official medical term is Edema) happens when the body has experienced an injury or inflammation.

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We tend to overlook that medical procedures like surgery or injections inflict a level of trauma on the body, causing scar tissue buildup and ongoing emotional conflict.

And, when stagnant, protein-rich fluid, usually drained by the lymphatic system causes inflammation and swelling—often experienced as fluid pooling in the feet and lower legs.

I can genuinely empathise with anyone experiencing swelling and bloating, as I, too, have experienced this since my last heart surgery.

Nobody in my recovery team told me to drain my lymphatics. I was unaware that scar tissue buildup would slow down my lymph flow over time.

Once I recovered from my surgery, I started my physical training with Daina – Body Relationship Coach, who is now leading me through improving my lymphatic flow to ease my swelling.

Since working with Daina, I have eased my bloating dramatically. To the point that I don’t bloat before my period anymore, which is a big deal!

We have also managed the swelling I would experience after receiving massages. I was not too fond of massages because of this. I hated them. I now know how to clear my lymphatics beforehand, which helps my body drain during the massage and not swell afterwards #genius

In this web event, I will be asking Daina to share three tips to help keep swelling at bay.

I have been following her clients’ progress and some of their stories are outstanding.

For many years, Michelle from New Zealand has battled with swelling legs every Summer. She would hide in her house, be stuck in a pool or sit in front of the fridge and freezer, trying to cool her body down to relieve the swelling.

Four sessions with Daina, she shared a photo of herself wearing jeans during the hottest day of Summer. She claimed that she had not been able to do that for many years.

A few weeks later, Michelle felt like she was getting taller and was happy to see the veins in her feet and ankle bones again. She also noticed a big difference in cellulite around her thighs and bum.

I’m with Michelle here too. I have experienced cellulite all my life. Since working my Lymphatic System with Daina, I have noticed drastic changes in how cellulite shows up on my legs.

Here’s to smooth thighs and bums!

Another incredible experience from a client:

During a live call on Daina’s Fluid Flow program, Amy (not her real name) shared how her arm was numb and painful after having an injection, and minutes after the exercise, Daina had her do her arm was no longer numb, and pain had nearly gone.

To experience this first hand is a trip. The results were instant when Daina helped me clear my lymphatics after I swelled from a massage.

So, what does Daina do exactly?

Daina helps you help your body eliminate waste and clear the pathway for nutrition and oxygen to reach the cells, giving you energy and vitality.

By working with the lymphatic system, Daina shows you simple exercises you can do daily, from the comfort of your home, to open the lymph gateways and help the lymph fluid flow back to the heart.

During our live web event, you will discover the genius workings of the lymphatic system as she shares the science and how simple fluid flow exercises make all the difference to your swelling experience.

See you there.

What other clients have to say

These exercises have been a game-changer for me. I have much less bloating, more energy and just all around happier!
Michele C
The pedal pump is helping the swelling in my ankle go down, and my surgeon, who suggested I have another (3rd revision) surgery on my knee this month, said he would assess me again in 6 months. I am beyond happy!
Tina W
I have noticed a difference in the congestion and density of the flesh around the breast area. I feel it is softer. I don't feel as closed off to intimacy.
Stacy H

How to stop swelling (and bloating) from ruining your Summer

Without following restrictive diets or intense exercise programs

Live Web Event Introduced by Chef Cynthia with Daina Kahu
March 24, 2022, 5:00 PM Perth/Singapore Time



Daina is a Body Relationship Coach & Body Wisdom Connector dedicated to helping people respect and understand that their body is always working for them 1000%.

Having experienced her body shutting down while walking in the busy streets of Brisbane, Daina learned how the body will always work for you, not against you. When left unresolved, the stresses of life, whether mental, emotional or physical, will manifest in the body as messages to tell you something needs to be changed.

Daina brings years of experience working with the body; Building resilience in the military, playing and exploring outdoor adventures with children, aligning wellness in clinics, building body’s in the weight room, showing what’s possible at retreats and now connecting you to your Lymph online.

Daina has developed a unique way of using movement to bring clarity where there is chaos at the cellular level and connect you to what is going on inside your mind, heart, and body.


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