Lighten Up Loaf

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  • Baking at home made easy using my healthy high fibre premix cleanse.
  • High fibre anti-inflammatory omega 3’s premix loaf for ultimate digestive health
  • Packed with ingredients like psyllium, oats, chia seeds, flax seeds and seasoned with heal thy self salt, Lighten Up Loaf acts like a scrubbing brush inside your colon.
  • A very spectacular packet of real food of premix situation of glory for you to make at home
  • The Ultimate digestive healthy high fibre Pre Mix loaf that is designed to cleanse the buildup in the colon. And taste freakin EPIC.

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(1 customer review)
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1 review for Lighten Up Loaf

  1. Kirst Trethowan

    Absolutely delicious as and super healthy.
    Very easy to make and you have that “I made it myself” satisfaction.
    It’s very filling so the loaf lasts for several days. Tastes incredible with MyProB+
    Thanks Chef Cynthia for making eating healthy so easy!! Live your work ❤️

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