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Gluten Free At Home + Let’s Eat Light & Easy

Get 2 ONLINE Plant-Based Cooking Classes

Two spectacular plant based gluten free, gut healing, online master cooking classes for 40% OFF The BEST price over 80 Filmed recipes. Take the worry out of deciding what’s for dinner this week.

  • Gut healthy ferments, Gluten free bread, epic salad dressings, thai inspired dishes, winter stews, plant-based spaghetti bolognese, the right way to make smoothie bowls. 2-minute noodles, lasagna, plant-based cheese sauces and the yummiest NACHOs ever!
  • Each recipe gets you into a confident and skilful cook.
  • The unwanted weight you are carrying will go away when you amp up the plants and ferments in your day to day meals..
  • Big amounts of energy and joy for your personal healthcare.
  • 80 Video Recipes. Hours of filmed content

AUD $238.00

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You might be a fabulous cook or you might be absolutely terrified of cooking.
This is for you.
For the plant-eater, the new plant-eater and the future plant-eater.

Husband, kid and single’s friendly. All filmed in my studio-step by step recipes that help you take the worry out of “what the hell do i cook for dinner this week”

Two online master classes FILMED. Step by step. Lifetime access. At your own pace in your home kitchen with me showing you the skills to add more plant-based dishes to your dinner table.

These recipes are going to upskill you into a truly healthy understanding of your home kitchen eating patterns. Help you shift that weight, create a glow and mostly you just will feel really in control of what goes into your body temple as you build your real food kitchen.

YOU REALLY MATTER. YOUR HEALTH MATTERS….And you are so worth taking care of.
These classes will make taking your first steps towards a healthier lifestyle easier as you become more health-conscious and improve your overall well-being.

Gluten Free At Home


Let’s Eat Light and Easy


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