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14-Day Plant Driven Transformation Challenge

  • Can’t cook? Every recipe is filmed, no guessing on how to put a plant-based meal together
  • All the meals & shopping list are planned for you [breakfast lunch & dinner]
  • Reduce your dependency on junk food and on meat
  • Yes, you will poop more and get leaner. Detox your body, naturally.
  • Inspirational videos for the day. [It’s not just an email a day with a recipe.]
  • Transform your health with what’s on the end of your fork
  • Each recipe has a place to comment and talk to the chef.

AUD $37.00

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Why you love this product?

From Meat to Plants, in 14 days. Shopping list and meal plan ready to COOK without having to think about how & what to buy.

Get ready for an amazing transformation: During this 14-day plant-based challenge, you’ll cleanse out your pantry and fridge as well as your entire ecosystem and detox your body, naturally. I’ll give you everything you need to reduce your dependency on junk food and on meat, increase your skills in the kitchen when it comes to simple plant-based meals as all recipes are filmed. #igotyaback

The best part is that you don’t have to be plant-based or a confident cook to take this challenge (although, you just might become one after it’s over!).

Its fantastic to do with a partner. I did, with my friend Dee.

This program will help even the most hard-core omnivores eat more plants and love every minute of it.

Online from my studio kitchen to yours filmed recipes, meal plan,shopping list, talk to chef under each recipe in the members area, inspirational videos for the day and chef private fb group.

Bring on the eg, gyozas, risotto, caesar salad, fantastic easy breakfasts, sticky asia style tofu and more.

There’s no way to prepare you for how proud you will feel after you finish a day making (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

You simply have to try it for yourself and feel the effects of being able to cook really time saving meals this way!

During this 14-day plant-based challenge, we invite you to join me on (Chef Cynthia Louise’s Online Kitchen FB Group) where you can keep up with others’ experiences,where you can share your journey, your happiness in the kitchen and feel supported.

30 days streaming for you 24/7


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