This is the story of MY MIGHT

This is the story of MY MIGHT

Rebranded with a  beautiful yellow label and now ready for the world.

A mighty black probiotic spread that's given me so much nourishment, love and joy. I call it MY MIGHT and it’s a healthy Vegemite/Marmite/Promite alternative.

“Don’t expect it to be smooth and shiny, expect it to be, tasty and nourishing”.

I’ve created the ultimate real food snack that has you sitting in the sunshine, spreading it over slices of fresh cucumber. Or you might be like my friends, digging into it with a spoon as they walk past the fridge, while a little voice in the back of their mind says... 

“I just can't stop eating this”...

and suddenly you find yourself putting the lid back on, shoving it far away in the back of the fridge, out of sight, knowing that tomorrow is a new day. And hoping that there better be some MY MIGHT left!!

Here is my story of how I created My MIGHT, a product and a massive part of my healing journey of the gut, mind, heart and spirit...

...I was at my mum’s house 2 years ago, back in Australia and far far away from my own kitchen in Bali. I was healing from open heart surgery, (I was born with a heart valve defect- but that's another story).


I was CRAVING salt. Anyone that has been fasting or in a healing crisis, SALT is on the must-haves of one's taste buds. I yearned for it, and Vegemite was NOT an option. (Because it’s full of shit!)

I went to a local cafe, looked at the menu and there it was, crunchy sourdough toast w/ vegemite and in brackets, it wrote (homemade). #winning and I ordered it.

It was good. 

I went back and ordered it again that same week. Then a few weeks later I bought a small jar and took it home. I was eating it and staring at it for days in a dreamy state of "Mmmmmm".

It was good,

I was craving it…


“there was something missing”!!!

I put my creative chef's hat on and started to experiment, knowing I needed to make this all about my gut health, needing a probiotic and with way less fat than the one I have bought.

My chef's hat was on…

First round, I bought a bunch of ingredients and started making my version of this black spread that has since become MY MIGHT. I tasted my product in development and knew that something was missing.

For the life of me, I couldn't work it out.

What was it?

Round two!!

I thought I had nailed it, licking the dregs off the spoon and feeling proud.

I popped it into a jar and in the fridge, cleaned my mess up, had a rest. 

I was feeling on top of the world. I finally had created a spread that I was proud of!

A few hours later, I went back to the fridge, opened the jar, had a smell and another taste...

(insert tasting sound here)

I knew that if it wasn't brilliant, as in, if I didn't keep coming back to the fridge over and over again for it - I had failed! 

It needed to be BRILLIANT.

But something was just not right! “It's was not BRILLIANT”.

Now, I was getting pissed off. 

I know what your thinking~

“Chef, it's been 2 goes, take it easy”.

Argh……... NO !!

Round three!!!

Now, this is where things get a little vague, as I really thought there was a round 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.  

I swear it was 3 months of testing….

...I am reminded, it was 3 months of healing - not testing. D’oh!

(remind me to share with you that heart healing story another time).

Anyway, back to round three!

With my hand on my head, still no luck with round three of my black probiotic spread, I decided to do the one thing that made absolute sense.

Ask a fellow chef!

Not just any chef, but a chef that I look up to, one I regard as my hero.

One I find absolute safety in when I need a kick up the butt.

One that has my health in mind and has my back with any recipe.

AND... one is my biggest cheerleader, and who's one of the greatest cooks I know.

She puts me in my place when I am in my eg (kitchen ego), who knows exactly what's missing without tasting any of my recipes.

My greatest muse and someone I can trust.

Chef Jelena, from Chicago.

So I asked. And she replied with one word, “Acid, Chef your missing Acid”.

Now, to the common human out there reading this you might be thinking WTF?

Acid, what does that even mean?

Well in our Chef’s language, (that’s mine and Jelena’s), it’s one ingredient that can transform the entire dish and create the balance you are looking for.

We simply just talk in code, and "acid" in this case was code for Vinegar.

I immediately jumped back into the kitchen and simply added, acid.

And the rest my dear humans, is history!

So, what does this all mean for you?

I’ve crafted a probiotic spread that has been created with your organs in mind (yep, all 78 of them) and your digestion too. It’s well balanced, delicious, "morish" and downright sexy…

Created with GMO-free and mostly organic ingredients, it’s my personal go-to probiotic every day!

Just imagine…

...all your loved ones enjoying MY MIGHT.

The incredible tastes and it’s gift to your digestion.

With Love,

Chef Cynthia xx


Amazing, addictive and healthy vegemite replacement. I love it on rice crackers or essense bread with avocado. The tub only lasted 2 weeks in our house. 5 stars!

Brianna Louchery

Totally confirming to know that when I need a go to for the simplest snack for my kids I can still have an option where I do no harm chefs vegemite flavoured alternative in organic bread or crackers and this gives my kids some great probiotics yay 

Dina Anassis

MyMight has fast become a replacement spread to our place. MM with avo on Essene or Ezekiel bread is alwasy a winner! I'm busting out some mega grooves at the thought of having more in our home soon!. 

Jodi Chalmers

I love My Might! It's flavour is amazing and knowing it's good for me and has no nasties. I grew up on Vegimite being an Aussie, but I love my new replacement for it

Kimberley Politis

Great alternative to Vegemite!! I use it for lunch break as if it were Vegemite and I don't see much of a difference except maybe that is tastes better!!! Luka Thomas 11ysrs old

Adam Thomas

Hey mate, I got a jar of it from Cynthia last weekend. 1/2 gone. Rationing it. Not easy to do, I keep going back for more just like Cynthia does. Try it on Veges. It's very vegemite in flavour but not as strong. She is  selling it online. Look at her previous posts of her chef page for the link (if it's not sold out that is!)

Leah Royle


MY MIGHT is a tasty whole food probiotic spread packed with a POWERHOUSE of nutrients created by Chef Cynthia Louise.  With tremendous care and love, It’s been created with ingredients that Chef Cynthia adores, giving you an incredible product that actually tastes as good as it is for your body.

Created using unpasteurised fermented methods dating back to traditional times used hundreds and hundreds of years ago, MY MIGHT is rich in enzymes and probiotics to enhance your intestinal flora, increase the health of your gut microbiome, improve your overall digestive system and boost your immune system.

Containing probiotics, anti-bacterial, antiviral and immune boosting ingredients, this is a probiotic spread like no other. It is far superior to brewer’s yeast based spreads and much higher in fortified B-complex vitamins than wheat germ and most other natural food products.

MY MIGHT is a complete protein. It’s has a rich source of copper, manganese, vitamin K, zinc, various B vitamins including B12 for energy, iron, potassium, vitamin E, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, selenium and folic acid. (Phew, that was a mouth full, and so is MY MIGHT.)

You will know that when it comes from Chef Cynthia Louise and has the Heal Thy Self seal of approval, and you’ll also know it’s additive-free and made from organic ingredients where possible. And, of course, it has the incredible enhanced flavours, aromas and tastes that only Chef Cynthia is capable of and kids will love it too.

Eat MY MIGHT the way Chef Cynthia intended (just like the way she eats it) on cucumber, carrot or celery sticks, or any of your favourite veggies.

Ingredients: Organic Black Sesame Seeds (36%), Reduced Salt Tamari (29%), Savoury Yeast (10%), Organic Fermented Unpasturised Soya Bean Paste (10%), Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother (10%) and of course #Love

Vegan, Nut Free, GMO-Free, Contains Fermented Barley

Size: 200g*

*You will love our new 200g size, we have doubled the size.