Masterclass with Phil Hoare - Chef Cynthia Louise

PHIL HOARE - Autoimmune Healing Specialist


Without relying on lotions, potions, painkillers or synthetic stimulants.

Live Web Event Introduced by Chef Cynthia with Phil Hoare

About The Live Web Event

Your body is pure GENIUS, and when given the right conditions, it expresses exceptional health. 

A great recipe is only as delicious as the energy you make it in, and the same goes for your body. During my web event, I want to introduce you to my friends Phil and Daina and share how they help people who have been suffering from brain fog, gut issues, and the aches and pains of autoimmune disease express the delicious energy of vibrant health.

As an Autoimmune Transformation Specialist, Phil educates his clients on how a simple approach to healing is the most effective healing. Genius, right?

Phil’s protocols orientate around the body’s cells. My relationship with food and all I share about eating plants orientate around our body’s 79 organs. Since our body and organs consist of trillions of cells, it would be a disservice for me not to share his genius with you.

As a Body Relationship Coach, Daina helps her clients embody their healing experience and release the pain in their body through movement. Since we store thoughts, feelings and emotions in our cells, it makes sense why Daina and Phil work together.

Together we are better, and by joining us on my Web Event, you will have front row seats to a show that will blow your mind!

When Phil set out to heal his vitiligo, little, did he know he would one day uncover simple solutions that also heal other autoimmune diseases and conditions?

When Daina learned that her body was shutting down due to being highly stressed, she set out to connect with her body and allow herself to feel and express every emotion.

They both began to look at all the dots, find how they connected, and question the “status quo” that has us believe that we just need to accept our body breaks down with age. 

Phil says, “Your body does everything it can for you to survive. Everything affects everything. Compensatory patterns develop through learned behaviour left unquestioned.” 

Daina will have you asking questions, digging deeper into understanding what your body truly needs to heal.

You'll Learn

He will also have you see connection in the body like:

By the end of my Live Web Event, you will see how healing the body systems as well as an autoimmune disease is more simple than you think. As Phil will tell you that “Your body ain’t that stupid to attack itself!”. It is absolute genius!

See you there.

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After struggling with Colitis for over 7 years and been in and out of hospital a number of times was tough for me. But after working with Phil for just 6 weeks my digestion is amazing and can eat all the foods have been missing all these years
Wagar A
Personal Trainer
I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. But now have increased energy, experience less chronic pain and numbness. My vision has improved and now I'm pregnant against all odds.
Ashley B
Restaurant Owner
Was 'advised' to remove my over active Thyroid, but Phil helped me understand my condition, and in a few months of following his protocol my Thyroid is now in normal ranges.
Lea S


Phil Hoare

Phil is an Autoimmune Transformation Specialist & International Speaker who believes that knowledge on how to experience optimal health should be simple, accessible and affordable. He loves thinking outside of the ‘Health Box’ and is devoutly driven to help people get their life back on track.

Daina is a Body Relationship & Holistic Movement Coach who is dedicated to helping people respect and understand that their body is always working for them. She has this unique way of using movement to bring clarity where there is chaos at the cellular level and to connect you to what is really going on inside your mind, heart and body.

Together their mission is for humanity to be free of its health challenges, and it’s through the group programs, they guide and support people to uncover the root cause of their health challenges and design personalised solutions for them. Many are surprised how simple it really is.

Now, it’s your time to SHINE!