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Live Web Event Introduced by Chef Cynthia with Phil Hoare

About The Live Web Event

When Phil set out to heal his vitiligo, little did he know he was going to one day uncover simple solutions that also heal other autoimmune diseases and conditions?

He began to look at all the dots, find how they connected and question the “status quo.”

Connections like: 

Your kidneys regulate your blood pressure, and puffiness under your eyes can tell you your kidneys are under stress.

Your liver and thyroid have an incredible connection where if one is suffering, it can influence the other.

Every organ produces alkalinity. Stress from our environment, relationships, work etc. when left unresolved create an under-balance of alkalinity in the body, which then cascades to a “pinching Peter to pay Paul” affect.

All blood markers you receive when getting blood tests, tell YOUR story. It is an incredible story to learn when you ask to view all your blood markers. Phil says “Your blood is like music.”

During this Live Masterclass, Phil shares his journey to re-pigmenting his skin. It starts in an all too familiar way for most people dealing with autoimmune disease, and thankfully, with his innate drive for real healing, his journey has evolved into an incredible discovery.

Healing the body systems is far more rewarding than focusing on healing just the condition. 

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After struggling with Colitis for over 7 years and been in and out of hospital a number of times was tough for me. But after working with Phil for just 6 weeks my digestion is amazing and can eat all the foods have been missing all these years
Wagar A
Personal Trainer
I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. But now have increased energy, experience less chronic pain and numbness. My vision has improved and now I'm pregnant against all odds.
Ashley B
Restaurant Owner
Was 'advised' to remove my over active Thyroid, but Phil helped me understand my condition, and in a few months of following his protocol my Thyroid is now in normal ranges.
Lea S


Phil Hoare

Phil is an Autoimmune Healing Specialist, Transformational Health Coach & International Speaker, who believes that knowledge on how to experience optimal health should be simple, accessible and affordable. He loves thinking outside of the ‘Health Box’ and is devoutly driven to help people get their life back on track.

Phil’s mission is for humanity to be free of its health challenges, and it’s through his group programs that he guides and supports people to uncover the root cause of their health challenges, and to design personalised solutions for them. Many are surprised how simple it really is

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