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Host: Chef Cynthia with Kat Dawes


An Intimate RAW Conversation About The Missing Piece In Creating Perfect Health.
An Alkaline Mental Atmosphere.

Live Web Event Introduced by Chef Cynthia with Kat Dawes
Thursday, September 15, 2022, 5:00 PM (Perth)

About The Live Web Event

Your mind can create magic or madness, depending on how you use it. An hugely underestimated driver of toxicity is vibes like #FEAR, #DOUBT and #WORRY. Most disease starts with #stress! During my web event I want to introduce you to my friend and coach Kat Dawes and have her share with you why we need a Quality Control Department for our thoughts and feelings and have an alkaline mental atmosphere!

Kat Dawes is a teacher of mindfulness, but not in the traditional sense. She is the creator of a practice called NOWism, and has inspired thousands of people to shift out of stress, sickness and sadness by teaching them how to use their minds and emotions deliberately.

As I have mentioned before, learning NOWism actually saved my life. It was the missing ingredient to the rest of my knowledge about health and wholeness.

You know how much I love to focus on energy, passion, health and authenticity. Well, Kat amplifies my message in a most brilliant way and I can’t wait for you to receive the high doses of wisdom and inspiration that I have had on tap with her for over 10 years!

Learning NOWism literally changes your life, it is the most necessary practice in order to complete the journey to true alkalinity.  It is not just your health that benefits! Your relationships, career, your wallet and sense of purpose all bloom into a brilliant new life! True Story!

You'll Learn

By the end of this live web event, you are going to be super charged with inspiration, understanding you have EVERYTHING you need right here in the present moment to transform your life. You deserve to #thrive.

See you there!

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Kat Dawes is honestly a gift to humanity... Her presence & teachings in my world have helped transform my day to day results & relationships in an epic, tangible way. I cannot recommend this extraordinary human being (or her courses) enough!
portrait of a Jasi Colley
Jasi Colley
NOWism is the spiritual vibe we’ve always known existed, but had never put into words or practice. It’s a celebration of life, a reminder of what’s really important and a navigational tool to peace, prosperity and love. Empowering all and leaving no one behind. Now is the future and the future is before us. Thank you Kat Dawes!
portrait of a man smiling wearing a suit
Mike Dooley
NY Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities & featured teacher in The Secret
I really wish I could have a mini sized Kat Dawes to put in my front pocket and take with me everywhere! Her wisdom, knowledge, humour, talent and beautiful ‘delicious’ personality is truly a gift and she is someone who I admire! Her game of NOWISM has really taught me to see the good and the fun in every single one of life’s hard situations. She has the time for everyone and you won’t regret playing this game, you become like a little family ... I recommend to anyone to invest their precious attention to this exciting game! Live in the NOW with KAT DAWES!!!
portrait of a Mel Welnert
Mel Welnert
Kat Dawes has arrived in the HERE full of the Power of NOW to set us free from being a two tense person. She in a joyful, witty way reminds us to be free of the past and future, the tenses where all problems reside.
portrait of a man smiling wearing a suit
Reverend Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, featured teacher in The Secret, and author of Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential
“As a Federal Mental Health Commissioner, and the CEO of a mental health organisation, The Rogue & Rouge Foundation, I find myself often looking at complex systems and feeling deeply that the solution to a lot of our social issues, lies in the capacity and ability to shift culture and our narratives. Kat has a unique, engaging and highly entertaining way of tackling negativity, stigma and lack of productivity.

In a time where our systems are beginning to recognise the need of innovative and ‘out- of-the-box’ solutions, Kat Dawes is a gift from the deep cosmos; arriving just in the nick of time. I urge you to learn more about NOWism, and the benefits Kat’s work can bring to you, and your organisation.”
portrait of Nicole Gibson
Nicole Gibson
Australian National Commissioner for Mental Health


portrait of a lady


Kat Dawes is the founder of a transformational entertainment curriculum called NOWism. She is a Performance Philosopher, Author and Spirituality Coach, known for her dynamic and entertaining teaching style.

Taking the essence of ancient mindfulness teachings and translating them into a contemporary, user-friendly practice; NOWism is a modern finger – pointing at ancient wisdom.

 She is the author of a humorous metaphysical book, The Time and Space Contract, and has travelled the world for the past 15 years inspiring individuals to activate their dormant superhero powers! 

Her latest work is called, The Game of NOWism, a dynamic and engaging online curriculum that focuses on maintaining a high quality conscious participation in the present moment by cleaning up The Mental Atmosphere and quarantining all negative thinking!

Kat’s infectious presence changes people. She unifies and inspires.  She is one of the most unique personal development teachers and speakers on the planet – a Universal Promoter of the Powerful Present Moment, and living proof of the possibilities!



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