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Reduce the inflammation, swelling and weight gained from pain.

Live Web Event Introduced by Chef Cynthia with Daina Kahu
Jun 16, 2022, 5:00 PM Perth Time

About The Live Web Event

#Joy is a human right and available to you, always. Pain and suffering are optional.

Have you noticed how quickly the happiness you feel when walking in nature diminishes when pain in the hip and knee sets in?

When the number increases on the weight scales or dress size, do the juicy feelings of pleasure escape your body?

No matter how many entries you make in your gratitude journal, is ‘joy’ just a fleeting thought and the irritation of pain the overarching theme?

If you have been following me for a while, you would know that I am a #genius at finding reasons to be in joy, but when pain kept me from being able to sleep, and my body started to swell, #joy eluded me.

For two long years, I lived in pain. 

I thought, “How can a human operate like this?”

I spent days wondering how I could be in flow as I filmed in my studio. 

Feeling pain walking upstairs, lifting my kitchen appliances and having #misery hijacking my thoughts, interfering with my quality of life was becoming my #newnormal

My NOWism practice was put to the test!

I did not like being “that” person, miserable in pain. 

Knowing full well that suffering is optional, with the help of my #genius friends, I created a recipe to relieve my pain.

My good friend Daina Kahu specialises in Lymphatic Flow, and she would constantly be in my ear saying, “Don’t chase pain just listen. Pain is a message that something needs to change.” and “Swelling is fluid; that needs to flow.” 

So, one of the ingredients I focused on is Lymphatic Drainage through Fluid Flow.

With Daina’s guidance, the cellulite on my legs and the pain I felt when pinching my thighs has drastically diminished.

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The puffiness and fluid in my arms and neck, bloating, and heaviness I experienced during my cycle have since decreased.

Reducing the inflammation in my spine and hip has helped my rehabilitation progress with my Chiropractor.

I’m not the only one benefiting from focusing on Daina’s Fluid Flow protocols, either.

After her third knee operation, Tina spent two years trying to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain in her knee. A few weeks of working with Daina had her postpone her 4th knee surgery, fall in love with her feet for the first time, and walk upstairs without pain.

When Daina told me that a significant amount of Lymph resided in the gut, it blew me away!

The relationship between the Lymph, gut and all things digestion is worth exploring, so I am sharing Daina and her genius with you.

But moving your Lymph can’t be that easy, can it?

Let’s ask Debbie

I wanted to let you know the benefits I am feeling since we started our journey. I can sit on the floor, legs straight out and sit  straight up with no pulling on my muscles.  I was never able to sit straight without it pulling all the way to my feet. I can  also bend over to pick something off of the floor with ease. I don’t wake up with a headache anymore. Especially since you helped me with the pillow situation. I have been in a fabulous mood. I am NOT exhausted. Today my energy is through the roof. I am loving it. I am happy. Can’t tell you how happy I am that I am not in constant pain. My back still has ways to go and I am sure it is my chest that needs the work as you said. Thank you Daina Kahu for making my life livable again. I could just cry with joy. And of course give you never ending hugs.(not to mention going to the bathroom easier)

– Debbie S.

*Real story from Debbie, before she started working her Lymph with Daina

DEBBIE: “For years, I have had difficulty with bloating, constipation, losing weight and keeping it off.”

*During her time of Lymph work with Daina

DEBBIE: “I have to tell you after speaking with you last night, showing me the graphs, explaining what’s happening in body made everything so clear to me. I feel great today. Understanding why and how things work makes a world of difference to me. I will continue to do the work daily. I have no words to express my gratitude. Thank you so much for your help. 💜🙏

*Fast forward to the end of 8 weeks Lymph work with Daina

DEBBIE “I have daily bowel movements, which is a first for me. I have lost weight, and it feels much different, like it’s not coming back. I feel a lot lighter and better about my weight and body now.”

DAINA: [cue virtual high five and happy dance]ME: [cue reggae music and a tasty ism in support of Daina and Debbie]

Like me, Debbie has the tools to create real change in her body through daily Lymph practice, and we have Daina on standby should we need support.

So, back to the question, “Can it be easy?”

When we continue to have open conversations around the many functions and benefits experienced from Lymph work, we understand why moving Lymph is essential.

During my web event, Daina will share how even the busiest person can work their Lymph.


You will see how integrated these systems are.

In the video the lymph system is green.

Lymph nodes are the green bubbles, and the node roads are the green tubes that connect them.

Node clusters are where movement happens. Unlike the blood that needs a pump, movement and breathing are how lymph fluid moves through the body.

The liver, intestines and lower limbs drain through there. If there is overwhelm in the system, it is often there.

Incredible, right?

What's on the other side of working with your Lymph?

My personal experience (and Daina’s clients experiences too):

I could go on.

But I won’t; 2022 is here, a year for massive action to feel amazing in the body!

See you inside the zoom x

What other clients have to say

So in awe of one small action equals massive outcome.
Mary H
Everything is good. Hands are great! Energy is high. Sleep is good. I don't think about it too much now, I just go with the flow
Olga P
I released quite a bit of bloating after one reset with you
Leslie S



Daina is a Body Relationship Coach & Body Wisdom Connector dedicated to helping people respect and understand that their body is always working for them 1000%.

Having experienced her body shutting down while walking in the busy streets of Brisbane, Daina learned how the body will always work for you, not against you. When left unresolved, the stresses of life, whether mental, emotional or physical, will manifest in the body as messages to tell you something needs to be changed.

Daina brings years of experience working with the body; Building resilience in the military, playing and exploring outdoor adventures with children, aligning wellness in clinics, building body’s in the weight room, showing what’s possible at retreats and now connecting you to your Lymph online.

Daina has developed a unique way of using movement to bring clarity where there is chaos at the cellular level and connect you to what is going on inside your mind, heart, and body.