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High fibre anti-inflammatory with omega 3’s premix loaf for ultimate digestive health

Baking at home made easy using my healthy high fibre premix cleanse- Lighten Up Loaf. Made with your colon in mind.
No joke.

Lighten Up Loaf for only $19.00 AUD

Buy more than 1 get 20% OFF

Basically it’s a cleansing loaf of bread.

Packed with ingredients like psyllium, oats, chia seeds, flax seeds and seasoned with @healthyself salt, Lighten Up Loaf acts like a scrubbing brush inside your colon.

From great soil, health is inevitable.

Lighten Up Loaf is filled with ONLY ORGANIC ingredients, grown in rich mineral soils filled with our earth’s incredible nutrients. It is the true natural mineral supplement of our time.

Helps to keep you regular.

Being regular means you are in flow and being in flow means your body operates optimally the way it is meant to.

What’s so special about Lighten UP Loaf?

Lighten Up Loaf for only $19.00 AUD

Buy more than 1 get 20% OFF

How to eat Lighten UP Loaf

The Taste of Lighten Up Loaf

Whole grains and seeds add both flavour and crunch to the loaf of Lighten UP. The full round flavours are to die for. Has a delicious nutty flavour.

The loaf is rustic, wholesome and packed full of goodness.

Lighten Up Loaf Benefits

I have this saying with my girlfriends “You bring the bread and I’ll make the chocolate” ..
Who doesn’t love a chunk of sourdough 36 hour fermented crusty bread?

I do!! And my mates do.

I know the thought of making this or even thinking about making any artisan bread gives me anxiety. Takes away from the joy of sitting down to a slice of heaven.

What I know for sure I must have the feeling of ease and certainty about the bread I choose. It’s honestly like heaven.

The idea of making artisan homemade bread gives me serious anxiety as I am not a baker nor do I profess to be.

Though with Light Up Loaf hearth-healthy premix glory I am totally in the game as a non-baker….
One Bowl. One Baking Tin & A Little Love. And Bake. You will truly feel like your #WINNING

This is what baking is all about, no fuss ending with the perfect flavoured loaf that is rustic, wholesome and packeted full of goodness.

Creates ease in the body temple.

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Lighten Up Loaf for only $19.00 AUD

Buy more than 1 get 20% OFF


If this is you  and you have any digestive conditions, like Leaky Gut, Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS etc…

This LOAF is NOT for You

as it’s an extremely powerful gut cleanser. Kinda like a scrubbing brush for the gut.

The Human Body and How We Can Support It

When we become backed up we can have mood swings and Inflammation can start to creep in. Suddenly we may find our ankles or hands start to swell. We start to become exhausted and sleeping soundly becomes a past memory.

This is our body calling out loudly …..“hi remember me?”

Being backed up clogs up the liver which can create mood swings and decrease libido.

Ingredients in Lighten UP Loaf Premix

Lighten Up Loaf for only $19.00 AUD

Buy more than 1 get 20% OFF

FLAXSEEDS (dark colour) also known as linseeds, are the richest plant source of omega 3 and are essential for a healthy brain, heart, joints and immune system, primarily due to their anti-inflammatory effects.

CHIA SEEDS are a great source of plant-based omega 3s, fibre and essential fatty acids and help reduce inflammation.

PSYLLIUM HUSKS acts like a scrubbing brush inside your colon. It’s a soluble fibre that helps the optimal functioning of the intestinal tract while promoting good digestion and elimination.

SUNFLOWER SEEDS Sunflower seeds are the gift of the beautiful sunflower, that has rays of petals emanating from its bright yellow, seed-studded centre are what we know as a sunflower seed.

They are a good source of magnesium, vitamin E, phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium and protein as well as rich in B complex vitamins.

PUMPKIN SEEDS pumpkin seeds are a great source of essential fatty acids, B vitamins, minerals phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and copper.

STEEL CUT OATS contain more fibre and are lower on the glycemic index, they are a whole grain food, meaning that they are a good source of complex carbohydrates and are minimally processed.

Lighten Up Loaf for only $19.00 AUD

Buy more than 1 get 20% OFF

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