How To Make The Creamiest Dairy-Free Mashed Potatoes Ever

Creamy Dairy-Free Mashed Potato – Without all that Mashing.

I’ll just say it – I hate mashing potatoes. It’s the most tiresome and annoying thing to do when preparing mashed potatoes. Cooking should be easy and relaxing and mashing potatoes with a plastic masher is not. And there is so much aggression in this act; just imagine yourself holding a masher and mashing away with an angry face that says “Go away you lumps and stop ruining my mash.” And you end up with a sore shoulder and not-so-creamy mash with lumps here and there.

These days are over! I’m going to show you how I make the creamiest, dairy-free mashed potatoes.

The Key to Epic, Creamy Mashed Potatoes Is…

The key is to cook potatoes until they are super soft, infuse them with flavours, and mash them perfectly. But how do you actually do this?

To start with potatoes, chop them in equal chunks because your mash will then not have those small, annoying lumps that usually appear when potato chunks are not cooked properly. What I do is add potato chunks to a pot, pour in just enough water to cover the potatoes and season generously with salt. I love the flavours garlic adds to meals and I just cook a couple of gloves together with potatoes. 

This should be cooked for good 30-40 minutes until the potatoes are super soft. There are two ways to check how cooked potatoes are. One is the old way we learnt from our moms and grandmas and that’s poking potatoes with a fork or knife. Another way is to take a potato chunk and apply a gentle pressure; if the potato just falls apart into fluffy bits, it’s perfectly cooked and ready to be mashed.

We are aiming for the creamiest and fluffiest mashed potatoes you have ever tried, so get ready to have your mind blown away. To get there, I’m going to use a ricer. Yep, that’s the thing that changed my whole world when it comes to mashing potatoes. I know some people use a blender but that’s not good enough for me because it just turns potatoes into a paste. A ricer makes it so much easier, just put boiled potatoes inside, squeeze and that’s it.


How to Make the Creamiest Dairy-Free Mashed Potatoes Ever (Recipe)


And the final touch is coconut milk, I add just a bit to enhance that creaminess I’m looking for. That’s it. Go to the recipe below and test out this new way of preparing mashed potatoes.

A great dish to accompany this is my Baked Cabbage with Mushroom Gravy. It’s something I love to eat in the winter months with some steamed veggies.

How To Make The Creamiest Dairy-Free Mashed Potatoes Ever Recipe!


  • 2 large Potatoes, peeled and chopped
  • Water, as needed
  • 2 Garlic Cloves, peeled and smashed
  • ¼ cup Coconut Milk*

  • Salt, to taste
  • Black Pepper, to taste
  • 1 Spring Onion, finely chopped, for garnishing
  • A handful of #EASEANDFLOW

*You can use any other milk you like


  • Add the potatoes to a pot, pour in water just enough to cover the potatoes and season with salt.
  • Taste the water, add more salt if needed and throw in the garlic cloves.
  • Bring to the boil and simmer for 30-40 minutes until the potatoes are soft.
  • Drain the potatoes and garlic and mash them using a ricer.

  • Season with black pepper and more salt if needed.
  • Pour in the milk and stir to combine.
  • Garnish with the spring onions, serve and EAT immediately!

Serves: 2

Prep time: 1 min

Cooking time: 40 mins

Freezer-friendly: No


Scott and I definitely had fun preparing this recipe (and even more fun eating the mash, lol). Take a look at our video and let me know if you also think this is the creamiest and fluffiest, dairy-free mash you’ve ever had. Tell me if you loved it so much that you experimented with some other flavours like sweet potato and potato mash with nutmeg or pumpkin mash with cinnamon.

Let’s embrace health through wholefood.

From my kitchen to yours,

Chef Cynthia Louise xx

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