How To Make Fresh Rice Paper Rolls

Let’s Make Fresh Rice Paper Rolls Together

Rice paper rolls – ready in a couple of minutes, delicious and nutritious and they are just perfect for light lunch or fulfilling dinner. Preparing fresh rice paper rolls is not only about finding flavours that will match once combined but it is also about colours. Those rice papers are thin and see-through, so if you build up not only flavours but colours as well, you’ll end up with some attractive rice rolls that will make you salivate.

There are different ways to make fresh rice paper rolls but today I’ll teach you how we do it at our retreats.

The greatest tip I can give you is to have everything prepared in advance before you actually start rolling your rice rolls. So what I do first is prepare rice noodles. I cook them and then cut into smaller bits. I like rice noodles as they are but I want my rice rolls to have a bit of a kick of that Asian flavour. So what I do is drizzle in a bit of sesame seed oil and soy sauce and season with black pepper. These are the tricks for my rice paper rolls. Since soy sauce is already salty, I don’t add salt at all. Then I gently mix the noodles with my fingers so that all the noodles are covered with the sesame oil and soy mix.

These are veggie rice rolls so you can experiment and add any of your favourite veggies. These are the ones I choose not only because I love the tastes but also because of their colours. I have red cabbage, carrots, cucumber and capsicum in three different colours. All of these are sliced very finely, and this is something you need to pay attention to. Rice papers are very thin and delicate, so the veggies inside need to have fine texture as well. To pull out all the flavours, I season these veggies with salt and pepper.

Besides veggies, what will give life to rice paper rolls are fresh herbs. My choice for this recipe goes to mint and coriander and I add some crunchy lettuce as well. And the final touch comes from spring onions and its refreshing, spring taste.

How To Make Fresh Rice Paper Rolls

Get Wrappers & Start Rolling Your Rice Paper Rolls!

To get your rice paper ready, fill a tray with water and let a paper sit there for a minute or so until pliable. While waiting for the paper to get semi-hard and ready to use, prepare a clean surface (like a chopping board) and have a tea towel at standby. When the paper is pliable, take it out and tap it on the towel briefly to remove the excess water and then put it on your chopping board and start building the flavours and colours. Check out the video for the instructions on how to roll your ride paper rolls.

These rice rolls and epic and inviting and although it doesn’t look like that, they are really fulfilling. And they are just amazing with one of my sauces that you can find in Sensational Sauces e-book. I have my ways of serving these rolls, but I’d like to see your ideas. Share photos of you fresh rice paper rolls with me on Facebook.


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