How to Make Caramelised Bananas with Coconut Yogurt

What I want to share with you today is a gorgeous, decadent recipe that is just perfect for breakfast to give you that energy rush. It is actually very versatile, so it can be a snack or a dessert if you wish. And it’s perfect for camping with friends as well because you can make it on a BBQ plate.

Okay, let me tell you what makes this recipe so fu*king good. I want you to imagine a crunchy, toasted bread slice with a layer of nut butter and topped with sweet, caramelized bananas. And all this combined with velvety coconut yogurt, sweet honey and that roasted crunch of nuts. I tell you, it’s mind-blowing. Let’s now make it together!

Grab The Bananas & Let’s Do It!

Before you peel the bananas, put a cast-iron on medium-high and let it heat. There is no need to oil the pan because what you want to get is a pure, sugary caramelized layer. In the meantime, peel the bananas and slice them in half lengthwise. Sprinkle the cut side generously with coconut sugar. I LOVE this sugar because it gives a very nice, decadent caramelized flavour.

Check if the pan is hot enough and then transfer the bananas but make sure the side without the sugar is down. Leave the bananas to cook for a couple of minutes. What you are looking for is a golden brown layer on the bottom of your bananas.

In the meantime, heat another cast-iron pan on high heat. This one is for toasting bread slices, and again, you don’t need to oil the pan. Add the slices when the pan is hot enough and leave them until they get crunchy and toasted. Flip them, turn off the heat and leave on the stove until they are toasted on the other side as well.

Be careful when checking the bananas because they can break easily. Once you are happy with the doneness of the bananas, flip them gently and turn off the heat. Remove the pan from the stove because now the sugary sides of the bananas are directly exposed to the heat. If you don’t do this, the sugar will start burning and this will ruin everything. Bananas have this mild flavour and texture and what you are looking for here is this decadent caramel flavour, not a strong, burnt one.

So while the residual heat is cooking the bananas, sprinkle them again with coconut sugar and flip them again. Make sure you don’t sprinkle any sugar on the pan because it will start burning. If you still don’t see that gooey, golden caramel layer on the bottom of the bananas, let them cook for a couple of more seconds and then flip them. Flipping the bananas at this stage will be a bit challenging, but even if they start breaking, don’t worry. It doesn’t really matter because the flavour will still be there.

How to Make Caramelised Bananas with Coconut Yogurt

Don’t Forget The Toasted Bread & Start Assembling Your Caramelized Bananas

Once your bread slices are toasted to your liking, transfer them to a plate. There is a way to take this to a new level. What I love to do is grab a jar of nut butter. Both Scott and me are big fans of almond butter. Oh, by the way, check out how you can make your own nut butter in just a couple of minutes. Sooooo, spread your favourite nut butter over the crunchy, toasted bread and top with the gorgeous caramelized bananas.

What gives this recipe decadence is heavenly coconut yogurt. You don’t know how to make one? Learn how here.  Add a generous dollop of this velvety yogurt to your toast with caramelized bananas and drizzle with honey or maple syrup. And we don’t stop here! Continue building the flavours by adding some roughly chopped nuts over the bananas and garnish with fresh mint leaves. I used roasted pistachios but you can use any nuts you love. If you are not in the mood for nuts, you can use some dried fruits. It’s completely up to you. Take a bite and surrender to the explosion of flavours and textures.

Caramelised Bananas with Coconut Yogurt Recipe!


  • 2 Bananas halved lengthwise

  • Coconut Sugar, as much as you want

  • 2 Bread Slices

  • Almond Butter, optional

  • Coconut Yogurt, as much as you want

  • Nuts of your choice, roughly chopped

  • Fresh Mint Leaves, for garnish


  • Preheat a pan on medium-high.
  • Halve the bananas lengthwise and sprinkle with coconut sugar.
  • Add the banana halves to the pan (sugar side up) and let them cook for a couple of minutes.
  • In the meantime, preheat another pan and add the bread slices.
  • When they get toasted on one side, flip them, turn off the heat and leave the slices to toast on the other side.
  • When the bananas get golden brown on the bottom, flip them gently.
  • Turn off the heat and remove the pan from the stove.

  • Sprinkle the bananas with the sugar again and check if the sugar started turning into caramel already.
  • Flip the bananas again and leave for a couple of seconds.
  • When the bread is ready, transfer to a plate and spread nut butter generously on top of the slices.
  • Transfer the bananas to the toasted bread and serve with a dollop of coconut yogurt.
  • Drizzle with honey or maple syrup and sprinkle with chopped nuts.
  • Garnish with fresh mint leaves and EAT!

It’s fu*king good, right? Make these caramelized bananas with coconut yogurt, feed your loved ones and take photos of those OMG moments. And don’t forget to share them with me on Facebook.

With love, from my kitchen to yours,
Chef Cynthia

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