Maria - Inner Health Contract | Chef Cynthia Louise

1. I choose to laugh & dance every day.

2. I choose to eat organic fruits & vegetables every day.

3. I choose to grow my own food and tend after my veggie patch every day.

4. I choose to walk barefoot in my backyard or at the beach for grounding every day.

5. I choose to drink lemon/lime water every day.

6. I choose to practice deep breathing exercises every day.

7. I choose to move my body with joy every day.

8. I choose to cook with love & joy every day.

9. I choose to make by bed every day.

10. I choose to make someone smile every day.

11. I choose to love myself, as I am, every day.

12. I choose gratitude for my life every day.


Feb. 08 2021

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