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…SAVING MONEY & Securing Yourself for the imminent FOOD SHORTAGE!

Live Web Event Introduced by Chef Cynthia with Hayley Weatherburn
THURSDAY, 18th August 5:00 PM Perth/Singapore Time

About The Live Web Event

Have you ever bitten into a carrot or tomato and thought – this has absolutely NO flavour!?!

Have you recently paid a stupid amount for fruit or vegetables?

Have you noticed the increasing reports on “Food Shortages”?

You are not alone if you answered yes to any of those questions!

The reality is, if you want security knowing you can easily get good nutritious food at a reasonable price – or even FREE – it’s important to really understand how your food is grown and make a plan for the future of where it will be coming from!.

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Even if you don’t have a garden or space to grow…
It’s important you know this information!

So, I know you like good food, right?
This is a Webinar for EVERYONE who loves to eat good food

It’s important to know and understand where your food comes from and how it’s grown, because it’s not like it was when our parents were growing up!

You can’t just pick a carrot and expect it to be tasty and have all the nutrients we need.

Whether you live in an apartment, a townhouse, a tree house – suburbia or a farm – you need to have a way to source nutritious food… and the food system are changing, things are breaking down – so I’ve brought on one of my talented mates, Hayley Weatherburn from Thriving with Nature!

“...taste intensity signals nutrient content…”

The Declining Food Quality & TASTE! -
HOW TO GROW or WHAT TO LOOK FOR finding the BEST Tasting food!

Which Carrot would you prefer your child to be eating? One that is sweet, crunchy and absolutely packed with nutrients…. Or one that tastes like cardboard, they would need to eat 200 of them to get the same amount of nutrients?

Maate! I know which one I’d pick everytime!

Well – MANY vegetables, especially the “cheaper” more available ones may LOOK like a carrot – but truly, how much nutrition are you actually getting?

You may think you are bulking up in nutrition when actually you are getting a ‘watered down version of it’.

This is why I like to get to know my farmers and go to their farms – check what they are doing, because you know what – it does half the work for me when I’m making my dishes! Thank you to the FARMERS!

When I was on Hayley’s farm, for example, we got to bite a cucumber straight from the vine – and I tell you what …the flavours and smell of that was so FRESH & Hydrating… the salad straight from the garden was so full of flavour you could feel the bodys cells fighting for it’s nutrients.

She’s going to share with you exactly on this webinar… exactly HOW to make sure your Fruit and Vegetables are TASTY and high in NUTRITION.. – whether you want to grow yourself, OR you want to know HOW to find the BEST fruit and vegetables out there..


You are hearing it everywhere these days – let alone my Chef friends who talk about how much more food is costing for their meals..

“Lettuce is $12 a kilo”, “Watermelon $50 a kilo” – and the list goes on!

And what’s scary is it’s EVERYWHERE… this is potentially the next PANDEMIC.. UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, India, Indonesia, China… EVERYWHERE the prices are increasing – this isn’t going to change… it’s ONLY going to get worse

What happens when trying to feed your family doubles, triples?…

Hayley will share ways to help you get on top of the rising prices and not only SAVE YOU MONEY – but also potentially get the BEST fruit and vegetables for FREE!

“.Growing your own food is like printing your own money”

Ron Finley


If COVID taught us anything – is that we are in a time that we need to become more self-sufficient and more reliant on our smaller communities…

Hayley’s Farm is a key back up plan for our community of friends here in Bali… in fact, many of her friends have said to her – “you know you are my back up plan if everything falls apart… true story”

Hayley’s SMART! And we ALL need to get smarter…

When Hayley shared me the image below recently – it BLEW my mind.. It made it REAL..

Below is the last 5 years of searches on GOOGLE – the TRENDS

You can all see when the first PANDEMIC HIT – Around Feb/March 2020 – the spike of Food shortages was HUGE… and what followed soon after that?…

Look at the “GROW FOOD” curve…. It happens as a shadow, an immediate reaction to what is going on!

Now, this last 12 to 18 months – Food Shortage is becoming more and more prominent in the searches… and AGAIN – Grow food follows..

And there it’s ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE..

NOW is the time you need to start thinking about you and your families FOOD SECURITY – Where will you get your food..

Hayley will cover this all on the webinar!

It’s a must in this climate for you to take more control of your FOOD SUPPLY!

Come join me with Hayley as she not only shares the 3 secrets to growing tasty fruit and veggies, but ALSO how you can set yourself up for success during these times - NO MATTER if you have land or not to grow!



Hayley is a Nature Whisperer consulting in Regenerative Gardening and is passionate about understanding the deep functions and “relationship web” of plants, soil, microbes, fungi, animals and humans. It’s with this ever growing wisdom that she is now on a mission to share with those who want to live a life much more integrated with Nature, and simplify growing their own food and becoming more self-sufficient.

Having spent some of her childhood years living in the rainforests on Christmas Island, and then ending up working for decades on computers in systems and processes, the deep polarisation gave Hayley an insight into the strength of the Natural systems compared to the broken systems of the western world. She soon realised that if we don’t live aligned with the forces of Nature, we will be eliminated.

Hayley’s experiences include building a Regenerative Farm in Bali, Indonesia, on top of her ongoing studies in the worlds of Permaculture Design, Syntropic Agroforestry, Soil Advocacy and the Soil Food Web.

With the knowledge Hayley has learned over the years, she truly believes that we can live in a world that has healthy vibrant humans, a wildlife that is thriving, our climate recalibrating, and nature regenerating.


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