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Host: Chef Cynthia with Hayley Weatherburn

The BEST Way to Grow Food that is Nutrient Dense & Full of Flavour

Creating Food Security for yourself whether or not you own land or are a green thumb!

Live Web Event Introduced by Chef Cynthia with Hayley Weatherburn
THURSDAY, 8th December 5:00 PM Perth/Singapore Time

About The Live Web Event

The truth is…This webinar shouldn’t need to exist!

Nutrient Dense flavour-filled food is a birth right!

However, in the supermarket these days you can pick up a tomato or carrot, bring it home, bite into it and realise that although it looked good – there was absolutely NO FLAVOUR!

It’s time to give the power back to you – so you know how to grow the BEST FOOD you will ever have…as well as giving you some food security in these uncertain times.

And you know what… the secret to a great Chef… is making sure you have the BEST Ingredients to start with…

And for me… that starts with finding or growing Nutrient Dense Food!

If you love cooking, you NEED TO KNOW how to GROW FOOD the right way and my friend Hayley Weatherburn will be sharing you the secrets in this Webinar!

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Up to 14 times less IRON in Spinach grown the “WRONG” Way!...

…You could be WASTING YOUR TIME if you don’t understand this..

That’s why some people who still EAT HEALTHY…. But are NOT HEALTHY…. Because the food they buy has EMPTY NUTRITIONAL VALUE!

It’s important to know and understand where your food comes from and how it’s grown, because it’s not like it was when our parents were growing up!
You can’t just pick a carrot and expect it to be tasty and have all the nutrients we need.
Everything can look like it’s healthy – but inside it’s missing the key point of eating – NUTRITION
Check out this Spinach…. 1 Spinach Leaf grown the “RIGHT” way, can have up to 14 times more IRON in it than one grown another way!! CRAZY HUH!?!


Even if you don’t have a garden or space to grow…
Hayley has a way you can STILL grow your own food!

The truth is now is the time to start having a way to grow your own food…

But many of you may not have land or a big backyard..

It’s ok! Hayley’s got you covered!

With a little known method that can get you the food security you and your family need!

So make sure you register!

Herb Garden

Even if you have been a plant killer and far
from a green thumb!

Hayley shared with me, that she used to be a Plant Killer!

Couldn’t even keep an office desk bamboo alive…

Now that’s crazy…

She believes the Green Thumb / Black Thumb idea – is a MYTH! even if you have killed plant before…

You can actually become the grower of delicious amazing food!

Save Money & Create Food Security for your Family!

FOOD SHORTAGES – are Real… and unfortunately only going to get worse!

If the Food is actually still on the shelves… the prices are fluctuating…

Imagine growing your own NUTRIENT DENSE FOOD… a full plate of it!

You will Save so much money and create a sense of peace knowing you have a food security plan!

“.Growing your own food is like printing your own money”

Ron Finley



Hayley from Thriving with Nature is a Genius! Our garden was a heaving mess and is now growing amazingly. We are really thrilled. I urge everyone to reach out to Hayley for a garden consult!
Hayley gave me the confidence to get my garden into better health. She helped me plan a herb garden so that I can start to cook from it and add to my salads. Her wisdom & enthusiasm is inspiring!
DAINA KAHU, Indonesia
Hayley is amazing! After my consult with her, I felt enthusiasm for my garden again. She gave me good advice & made me an action plan. I highly recommend Thriving with Nature, there's nothing better than eating home-grown!
CASS, Taree, Australia

The BEST Way to Grow Food that is Nutrient Dense & Full of Flavour



Hayley is a Nature Whisperer consulting in Regenerative Gardening and is passionate about understanding the deep functions and “relationship web” of plants, soil, microbes, fungi, animals and humans. It’s with this ever growing wisdom that she is now on a mission to share with those who want to live a life much more integrated with Nature, and simplify growing their own food and becoming more self-sufficient.

Having spent some of her childhood years living in the rainforests on Christmas Island, and then ending up working for decades on computers in systems and processes, the deep polarisation gave Hayley an insight into the strength of the Natural systems compared to the broken systems of the western world. She soon realised that if we don’t live aligned with the forces of Nature, we will be eliminated.

Hayley’s experiences include building a Regenerative Farm in Bali, Indonesia, on top of her ongoing studies in the worlds of Permaculture Design, Syntropic Agroforestry, Soil Advocacy and the Soil Food Web.

With the knowledge Hayley has learned over the years, she truly believes that we can live in a world that has healthy vibrant humans, a wildlife that is thriving, our climate recalibrating, and nature regenerating.


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