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Gluten Free At Home

With Chef Cynthia Louise

Heal & Thrive With 'Gluten Free At Home'
50 Gluten Free & Vegan Filmed Recipes


Living well begins with eating well. Knowing what's in your food is vital to healing and being healthy, especially if you are gluten intolerant.  Maybe you like that rich gravy on mashed potatoes or kale, or you love creamy gnocchi. That's cool. No matter what you're into, Gluten Free at Home is the place to find the tastiest, healthiest best version of you.

Nourish Your Organs Whilst Serving Your Ultimate Health

As doctors look for what causes inflammation and autoimmune conditions in general,
a lot of them are turning to gluten as a culprit.

You could spend months reading all the studies and articles on the subject.
Some doctors believe that as many as 30 percent of people could have some sort of gluten sensitivity,
which could manifest itself not just in stomach problems but other conditions like
thyroid disorders, diabetes, leaky gut, weight gain and, yup, fatigue.

 One of my dearest friends is Celiac and when she asked me not to worry about making her a Gluten Free dish one night as she would just make do, i was like HELL no!!! So I created these recipes.

For years she couldn't work out why she was bloated after eating, tired or simply constipated and in pain. She had tests done and found she was really, really, sensitive to gluten, even a crumb of non gluten free bread would upset her. The report showed she had celiacs disease.

She completely transformed her diet to Gluten Free. Eating this way has significantly assisted in transforming her health. So much so she has absolutely no symptoms.

This buffet of Gluten Free and Vegan recipes master classes are focused on using ingredients that serve your entire ecosystem in your body. Most importantly your GUT Brain. Pre-recorded classes have 50+ Gluten Free real food recipes that are designed so your internal organs in your body (all 78 organs that is) are flourished with vitamins, minerals and living enzymes that come from ingredients that you can find in your local supermarket or farmers market that your body knows exactly what to do with.

As a chef I have been working for the past decade in very expensive and exclusive health retreats. Where Gluten Free and Celiacs is extremely common. It's the most talked about and thought about part of the entire stay. Why? People are terrified of regressing when they start on a gluten free diet. When eating out it's a gamble.

The cooking experience I have gained as a chef working in health retreats is incredible. I was taught what ingredients to use in each recipe for Gluten Free. How the GUT brian is a protilty to your optimal health, taught by health professionals, who guided us chefs to cook for the health of an entire human body. Yep that's right, every single recipe and technique I learned was created entirely with your optimal health in mind.

The recipes are filled with flavour, designed to heal, and have you feeling incredible after eating.

Each recipe is filled with ingredients that are gluten free and serve your health. Quite extraordinary that good nutrition creates such incredible health in all areas of your body. This is exactly what i teach you.

Knowing what to look when it comes to gluten free ingredients is what i will be teaching you.I am super excited to be able to share with you how to put recipes together, what I have learnt, what works well and how this can support your health of your gut and wellbeing in your home.

Trust me when I say this. Cooking this way will empower you, ignite your creativity and passion like never before. You will feel the benefits physically by eating gluten free food that's filled with huge amounts of nutrition that the whole entire family will be more than ok with..

AMP Up The Plants In Your World
Feel Fantastic & Gain More Energy

Cooking and eating this way is exactly how you will just feel better. Do this for your body. You won't feel tired all the time, and you will be exercising more now that you have more energy. You wont feel slightly sick after you eat anymore. You will also just eat healthier: more vegetables, fewer carbs, less junky snack food.


I dealt with my own prevention of surgery for 17 years by simply eating more plants. I have maintained my weight, (thats a BIG deal) there is no NO dieting. I have more energy than a 20 year old. I am feeling completely vitalized and full of energy. My skin is really healthy and my digestion is flowing and i am feeling incredible. Eating this way lowers your risk of numerous chronic diseases, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and so much more. My gosh food is amazing when it comes to prevention and leading a healthy life.

In this cooking class you will learn everything i have learnt from all the Drs and Biochemists i have worked with and still work with in health retreats. You will learn how to create home cooked vegetarian dishes to add to your cooking journey that will suit the entire family without using; butter, cream and dairy milk. I show you now to keep that perfect texture when replacing dairy.

In the classes I will be taking about the right cooking oils to use, how salt is not the devil, I dive deep into simple cooking techniques that save you time, best equipment to use, kitchen hacks, heart opening recipes that softly help you feel at ease in the kitchen, give you so much more confidence all for a $1 a recipe, you are saving money and your health will love it. I am giving you life membership in the class, 100% online, 100% epic.

You might be a fabulous home cook or someone that is so scared of cooking, i am your CHEF and i can not wait for you to be in this class. You will have me teaching you every step of the way watching and creating recipes that have your health in mind. Starting with whatever skill level or experience you have. This class is absolutely life changing.

This is not a diet. I know from years of experience those damn diets, food trends, counting calories don't work. THEY JUST DON'T!!! I have helped countless women turn their weight and health around. Greatly improving family’s health and wellbeing. This online cooking class is undoubtedly an investment you can give or receive.

No more feeling isolated and not knowing what to cook!

This class will have you fully equipped to lead a healthier lifestyle while serving your health from the comfort of your own home…Food absolutely does without a doubt create such healing in the body! As I started to learn more about the association between diet and disease, now I get to share that with you!

Why? Because... FOOD DOES MATTER!

What to expect inside your cooking class with me.

  • Start when you're ready!!! This is an online pre-recorded cooking class for you, to go at YOUR own pace. I always lead with this with a new student -grab a cuppa, have a seat, put your feet up, log into YOUR cooking class, (details will be emailed to you). Breathe… Pick a recipe and watch me as many times as you feel as i take YOU through each recipe step by step.
  • 50 + Spectacular vegetarian online pre-recorded video recipes available 24/7, 365 days your time in your home. #winning
  • YOU get written downloadable recipes so you can print them if you want. A Lot of lovely people in the class do, and send me pics of their recipe folders. #genius
  • You can access the class with TABLET, COMPUTER, IPHONE, ANDROID etc. from anywhere in the world in any timezone.
  • All recipes don't contain butter, milk, cream or cheese in them, I show you how to make a dish just as creamy and rich using plants. You will learn how to build your whole food pantry, know what ingredients to buy, sink into a new stainable way of cooking for your optimal health.
  • 100% Unlimited lifetime access to the class… .meaning you can keep coming back to the video recipes over and over, and over again.
  • Feel totally supported, ask any questions to me in the comments sections of each video recipe and I will answer your question… How fabulous is that.
  • I’ll be showing you the skills I have learnt over the years working in health retreats that will help you nail each yummy meal like a pro… “Wait to you lick the bowl, I do it all the time” LOL

“Just so grateful I found you - absolutely EVERYTHING I make from your cooking classes is a hit even meat-eating husband love them!! Love, love, love your classes you’re truly amazing and such and inspiration - thank you!”
~ Carmel

What others are saying


This was so good! I couldn't eat it all myself so I took some to the office. I had quite a bit of the inside left, so I warmed it up and ate it as spinach dip with crackers! I really miss spinach dip! Guess this will be my new recipe.

- Linda


I love watching you Cynthia, I love your recipes, and I am so encouraged by your conversation... we share the same heart in so many ways... I hope to meet you some day ... until then... I will watch everything you take the time to share with us... God Bless you . 🙂

- Lisa


I am an American. We have tons and tons of chef shows available for us to watch. Until now, I would say, Jamie Oliver is probably the one chef who is not only knowledgeable but also has such an amazing passion for cooking. I now add you to that list. 


I do have considerable gluten issues but I still continue to eat gluten from time to time. I am not a vegan or vegetarian (although I am working towards it more and more) but I will be trying all of your recipes. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching all of your segments! You're awesome!

- Angela
United States of America

We have Bonuses..Yes we do..

  • 30 extra bonus videos, covering all kitchen and food related topics such
  • Old ingredients into healthy options
  • You will be invited to a support facebook group, where you can ask questions and share your success stories
  • Learn conscious cooking, cook with ease and flow
  • How to be a healthy vegetarian
  • Knife skills
  • Food storage tips
  • Kitchen and pantry staples
  • Eating this way will transform the way you feel and healing is enviable. This is exactly how I prolong my open heart surgery
  • You -will become known as a "Legend In The Kitchen" and be the envy of all your friends.
  • Ask your questions and get answers about any recipe in your class, via the comments section below each recipe.
  • You will learn what food substitutions you need, or cooking tips, I'm there for YOU.

The Community

You will get access Cynthia's Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get updates and share food experiences.

Get your recipe questions answered!  Each recipe in the cooking class has you in direct contact with Chef Cynthia to ask questions about each recipe so you can feel confidant in creating and mastering each dish.

Here’s a Sneak Peak at the Private
Cooking Classes Members-Only Area...

“Your classes are amazing! I would not want to live without them now.
You are fabulous, such a beautiful soul. Your recipes make me feel alive and bouncy! xx”


  • How do I receive access to the Online Cooking Classes?

The Online Cooking Classes are in a password protected Membership site. After your purchase you will receive an email with your login in details and password and a link the to membership site where all the video recipes are held.

  • Are Chef Cynthia's recipes all Dairy and Animal free?

Yes, Chef Cynthia's cooking in this series is all vegan and gluten free

  • Is cooking with Wholefood expensive?

No, and it's definitely not as expensive as going to the hospital or being on medication for the rest of your life... Good quality Organic ( where possible ) wholefood is part of my health insurance.

  • Are the Online Cooking Classes assess for life?

Yes, you have lifetime access to all the Online Cooking Classes you purchase.


Hello! I’m Chef Cynthia Louise

I love to cook and create food for people. Real food, as in edible plants! Food as nature intended. It’s such a special gift food. It’s ability to bring people together and to nourish us on all levels – I love it! What makes me crazy is all the confusion out there about what to eat! I want to bring some clarity and realness to your table. I’m here to give you everything you need to make your own extraordinary everyday food, from scratch, using real ingredients. Simple.


My mission is to facilitate creativity in the most humblest of kitchens around the world.  Creating high vibrational recipes using accessible ingredients as close to nature intended them to be with low human interference.