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How To Make Hash Browns That Are Ridiculously Healthy

As I’m known for making wholefood versions of people’s favourite foods I’m often asked how to make hash browns that serve people’s organs. A lot of people can’t eat hash browns because typically egg or flour is used as a binder. I’ve come up with a recipe that is egg free and gluten free. Epic! […]

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My Secret Twist To Take Your Guacamole Next Level!

I know, I know, guacamole is a classic that is already epic BUT, believe it or not, I’ve got a secret twist that my good friend and fellow chef, Jelena showed me that takes it to another level. I kid you not!  Imagine this… What happens when you add Pomegranates to guacamole? You get heaven!!  Fact!! Really there’s nothing […]

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I Can’t Believe How Good This Dairy Free Potato Bake Is!

Comfort Food Made Healthy, No More Missing Out On Your FavouritesEvery time someones lets slip some of my dairy free potato bake into their mouth for the first time they are often in shock at how creamy and delicious it tastes – without the dairy! Let’s face it, food is more than just food. The fact […]

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Dairy Free Ice Cream That Makes You Go Mmm

One of the things I think I love the most is being able to make super delicious dairy free ice cream for my friends and family. No more missing out for those of you who can’t tolerate dairy, eggs and refined sugar! We make this on my Praxis retreat with Tyler Tolman and it’s such […]

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Healthy Salad Dressing That’s A Beauty Treatment For Your Insides

I love a good healthy salad dressing that serves my organs. Store bought ones can be full of e-numbers, preservatives and all sorts of crap. So here is beautiful dressing for you, you’re gonna love this. A colourful healthy salad dressing of glory to serve your organs.  It’s chlorophyll heaven (great for you blood, skin, everything). It gives […]

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