Great At Any Time Of A Day: Berrylicious, Cultured Chia Seed Pudding

Another day, another way to show care and gratitude for our bodies. I was in my studio the other day and as always, my mates got hungry. I took a look around my kitchen and spotted my cultured coconut yogurt and berries. I’m not really keen on using berries in smoothies, so I had this great idea to make cultured chia seed pudding loaded with berries.

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Sexy Nutty Smoothie

EPIC is the word that describes this smoothie. I wanted it to be thick and rich in flavour, so I ended up adding more cacao. It was so good that I basically felt like diving into the glass immediately.

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Chocolate Biscuits aka Cynthia’s Cake Sandwich

Imagine a crunchy chocolate biscuit that hides a creamy, rich filling that explodes with chocolate flavours with every bite you take. That’s the type of chocolate biscuit we are making today together!

I started with the idea of making biscuits with an epic filling inside, but by the end of this whole baking adventure, the biscuits looked more like cake sandwiches; nevertheless, they were absolutely amazing!

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