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Understanding Your Eating – A Recipe For SELF-LOVE

I’m about to get serious with you. We are given Soooooo much EATING advice from health gurus, naturopaths, and healers. Not forgetting the KING OF KINGS, the guru itself “GOOGLE” search. All can profoundly affect an individual’s self-esteem and close relationship with food, that has a ripple effect that can comprise exercise, self-awareness and your emotional well-being. Is it […]

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Confessions Of A Whole Food Chef: I Hate Kale

Here’s a truth. I HATE kale. Yep. The perils of “clean eating” and being a wholefood chef…  The “shift” that’s unfolding in the world today in the way that people are becoming more conscious and evolved about their lifestyles, gives us hope for the future of humanity. However, becoming “less mainstream”, is becoming SO mainstream now! What […]

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So Really What The Heck Is “Clean Eating”?

I was talking last night with a friend about how “clean eating” has become more damaging to families than all of the other diets that have come along before it. I find it creates so much judgments on ourselves and how we see others. I also feel that concepts like clean eating make my body feel […]

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