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Kickstart Your Internal Organs And Get Them Working The Way They Were Designed Without Fad Dieting or Special Exercise

for only $67USD

Hi – Chef Cynthia Louise here…

What I’m about to tell you will have more impact on your life than anything else you’ve read this year…

And what worries me most is that you may not even realise there’s a problem.

But there is. And not just for you… but for all of us, everywhere!

Now you may not even know about the problem, but you may recognise some of the signs..

In fact as you do my 21-DAY CLEANSE get ready to

Eat… Nourish… Restore…
it’s so good and you feel so full
you literally have to remember to eat!
It’s a full-on health retreat – but at home!

After helping thousands of women all over the world…
I can’t wait for you to be the next huge success story.

You you have nothing to lose…
And everything to gain.

Can’t wait to start this journey with you!

Chef Cynthia Louise xx

Kickstart Your Internal Organs And Get Them Working The Way They Were Designed
Without Fad Dieting or Special Exercise

What will you get when you purchase the 21-DAY CLEANSE

Well… it’s time to press the reset button.

And now you can!

After working in health retreats for over 20 years , I’ve come up with the perfect solution…

A solution that will have such an impact on your body and your life that you’ll wonder why every woman (or Man) everywhere has not done it.

And that’s my goal…

The whole purpose of my 21-DAY CLEANSE is to give your digestive system a rest, to open up your mind to see your internal organs and to feel into the end result of giving your digestion a break…

If your busy lifestyle means that you end up eating a lot of fast food and washing it down with a gallon of soda…then I’d have to recommend that together, we clean up your gut.

Even if you eat reasonably healthily… My 21-DAY CLEANSE is a must for you too.

It's time for you to try
something new.
Let me be the guiding hand
to help you along the way…
We’ll do this together…

I have something that will
work for you…
Chef Cynthia Louise xx


The challenge is in a password protected Membership site. After your purchase you will receive an email with your login details and password and a link the to membership site where all the video recipes are held. The recipes are for your personal use only. It is best to not share them publicly.

No, and it’s definitely not as expensive as going to the hospital or being on medication for the rest of your life… Good quality Organic ( where possible ) wholefood is part of my health insurance.

You get access to the challenge for 60 days

Yes, Chef Cynthia’s cooking is all dairy free and refined sugar free.

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