21 Day Cleanse 2023 - Chef Cynthia Louise



Flush the inflammation out of your system and then your body will let go of the weight with my realistic program. Amazing recipes that amp up your health and get your system moving,

I say yes to better legs, ass, and thighs!

10kg later, I was swollen, full of fluid, inflamed, and hurting as there was no way in hell any of my clothes fit. Or, for that matter, the jeans I wore to work when I was filming cooking shows were going get over my ass and thighs or even zip up! Nothing I did could shift my inflamed body and reduce inflammation to lose any weight, at all.

I needed help… Badly!

The foundation of my
21-day cleanse is simple -

21 days with a full menu plan, shopping list, and expert videos from health coaches I work with today. And then just like that 1kg… 3kg… 6kg… 9kg… and 10kg of fluid started to leave my body. I finally found the solution on how to shift inflammation fast so that the weight started falling off. Serving up great-tasting and nutritious recipes all filmed from my kitchen, streaming for 60 days. I finally found my formula, and there was no way I was going back.

The entire CLEANSE
is at your fingertips

Inside this cleanse I will share with you my insights into a full menu plan that will leave you feeling full and satisfied and achieving your health goals. Additionally, three health coaches will be giving their wisdom throughout the cleanse.

One coach will show you insight into the lymphatic system that helped me lose 10kg of fluid!

A mindset coach will help you understand why your thoughts matter during this cleanse.

An inflammation specialist will share their deep understanding of how to absorb more nutrients and cut back the need for overeating.

So much to gain from all of that, but there is still more! Our community will be there for you during the cleanse, and when you’re done we are not going anywhere. You will remain in our tribe of humans that lend a lovely helping hand, judgment-free, as we all cheer for your victory!

BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER are all mapped out for you in the next 21 days



The challenge is in a password protected Membership site. After your purchase you will receive an email with your login details and password and a link the to membership site where all the video recipes are held. The recipes are for your personal use only. It is best to not share them publicly.
No, and it’s definitely not as expensive as going to the hospital or being on medication for the rest of your life… Good quality Organic ( where possible ) wholefood is part of my health insurance.
You get access to the challenge for 60 days
Yes, Chef Cynthia’s cooking is all dairy free and refined sugar free.

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